January 25, 1998

I had a very quiet weekend. Mostly slept or couch potato'ed with my leg propped up somewhere or another. It was pretty good, all in all, as on even Saturday I found that I could walk a lot better with the brace than I'd been able to Friday, even. So I wasn't feeling quite as odd about the knee injury as I might have been.

Some part of me wonders if it'll ever really heal again. Some other parts just don't really worry about it, and another part is fairly sure that I'll be back in shape soon. I'm not at all sure if that's realistic or not. The logical and analytical side says that as long as I'm in limbo, so long as I have no idea what's really wrong and what I really have to do to get anywhere else, I may as well not worry about it and let it take care of itself. Deal with the swelling as best as I'm able to and the rest will be up to whatever luck, God, or flows of life that there are. No use worry about what I can't do anything about.

I've been remarkably good about not worrying all weekend, too. Surprised the hell out of me.

Found myself just singing and giggling some on Saturday, when I was well rested, fed, and things didn't hurt too much, and I could *walk*, without a crutch even, so it was healing. And while I used a crutch to get around on Sunday I didn't really need it. So, around the house, I've been hobbling about, trying not to dance now and again from sheer grumpyness about not being able to dance the way I am used to being able just do whatever the heck I want to, and finding that eventhough the inside of my left knee looks something like a giant Florida navel orange, it kinda works.

So that's the good thing. The bad thing is that I've been religiously wearing my brace and with my leg and knee straight all the time, the knee's starting to have a problem with bending. So I've been slowly working it, now and again, between icings and between Super Bowl hypes.

Spent nearly two hours Thursday watching old Super Bowl highlights and watching the Bronco's get blown out three times. Yeesh. How about them Bronco's? Terrell Davis sure helped them out, along with that too-small offensive line. Heh. Not that I've ever really liked the Bronco's, they're Seahawk rivals, so I have to hate 'em, but it was really fun watching the Bronco's surprise the heck out of everyone, and it was really amazing to see John Elway's determination, especially in that one run he took where he dove into three Packers to get the first down himself. That was pretty cool.

Besides, I love Eugene Robinson, who's on the Packer's, and who used to be a Seahawk and who is just a really great guy. He made that interception play right in the end zone. Really cool stuff.

It was really nice to have a Super Bowl that wasn't a blow out and where both teams actually played well, and it wasn't a matter of a blown play or some team just not showing up or whatever, it was close, competitive and hard fought, so probably better than most of the Super Bowls of the past.

Raven says he doesn't have a sports bit. I think I stole his, Paul Bradshaws, Markleford's and the whole of the Horde's all at once. Heh.

Spent some time critiquing the intern pastor's sermon this morning. That was interesting to do, and all the lessons I've learned about critiquing writing stood me in good stead, concrete, solid examples of what was good, what was bad and suggestions of how to fix those things were appreciated by her. That was nice. It was also good to not just jump on the bandwagon of everyone just telling her how much they loved it, without having a why or how or what. 'I loved it.' is as bad as 'I hated it.' for a real critique, as neither of them say what it was, why they reacted to it that way and what it was that could have been done better.

Odd to realize that of the group that was there, I was likely the most experienced at taking apart a piece of words and giving components that would work for the next time, when most of them were in their 60's or older... but they wanted to help and did their best to do so.

The sermon itself was really keen and really different, in some aspects, some of it was old hat... the pieces of Corinthians about all parts of the body of Christ being pieces of a unity and that just because a foot isn't a hand doesn't mean that it doesn't belong. Diana added a different twist, though, too, as she spoke of the fact that not only was that applicable to the whole of the church, with people being the parts, but it also spoke to the whole of a single person, with emotions and body parts being the parts. That rage, anger, and doubt have their places in us as well as joy, love, or faith, and that they all serve their part. That by accepting internal diversity, one is better able to accept external diversity. One really cool part was that she read Psalm 88 at the beginning of the sermon. Take a look at it, if you want to, it's not something you'll often see or hear in a sermon. That is a part of the Bible, that ranting, raving, angry, bitterness is a part of what should be remembered...

Echo's so much, what I have heard from so many,

Anyway... it made for an interesting set of thoughts

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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