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July 14, 2003
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Cape Lookout

9:13 pm: Jet slept through the night! Woohoo!

He got up only when it was about 7, and came down to nurse with me while we all napped some more. John got out and did stuff while we slept some more in the back area, and around 8, Jet got up for real. So I got up as well. IT was easier to change in the Eurovan than in a tent. and get myself put back together. It is quite a luxury compared to a tent.

Breakfast was donuts and coffee and milk for Jet. I saw him, first thing, eating the sprinkles off his donut. We also had cereal and milk and blueberries, and Jet actually ate quite a bit of cereal before giving up on it and giving it to John.

From there we packed everything up, collapsed the 'tent' in two minutes, and went the two miles to the state beach. It was a glorious beach, Sunset Beach State Park. There was a strand of rocks out at the bay opening, so the waves were pretty small by the time they hit the very shallow, fine sand beach. Since the beach was so shallow, it was very safe for Jet, too.

The tide was out when we first got there, and after a while in the sand, Jet was willing to go walking in the water, as well. He'd learned something from his previous beach experience and stayed with us and listened to us when we told him to stay close or to stop chasing a wave. It was very neat. There were tide pools to the left, and smooth beach in a long arch around the opening to the right, and we studied the tide pools first, as they were dry.

But the tide was coming in, and with the shallow beach it came in far faster than I would have anticipated.

Jet would dig, build a small pile of sand, and the water would come and make it mushy. He would destroy his pile and then move up the beach a bit more, just out of reach of the last waves, and do it all again. And again... and again... and, of course, he'd misjudge one or two waves and he got completely soaked and covered with sand.

But he had a blast. He ran and played and at one time I walked all the way down the beach and back. And as I was walking back, I saw Jet running circles, literally, around John. Big circles through the water and on the sand, over and over until he'd fall down from dizziness. Then he'd get up and do it again.

Jet would find rocks, pick them up and chuck them at the waves. He found seaweed and would chuck it at the waves as well. He really liked throwing things at the oncoming water.

Around 12, we took him to a sun-soaked wall by the bathrooms, and got a big jug of water filled from the faucets. We stripped him off and rinsed him off with a couple jugs of water, wrapped him in a towel, and then dressed him back up again. I also got a couple jugs of water for his clothing, my legs and arms, and ended up bringing another jug for John to wash himself off with.

When I came back to the Eurovan, the boys had finished off the last of the Cheetos, and were quite cheerful about the whole morning. It had been an excellent Jet morning.

We took most of the day to drive north along the coast. Lots of beautiful stretches of white beaches, buff cliffs, and rolling surf. It was really neat. I drove, so I wasn't queasy. We stopped at the Blue Whale for lunch, fish and chips and clams and chips. Jet even ate a couple of clams with his fries.

On and on and we drove along the three Cape scenic route along the Cape Kiwanda, Cape Lookout, and Cape Meares capes. It was a by-pass off the 101. And the capes were each followed by some really exquisite white beaches. There was a campground just out on Cape Lookout, and we stopped there, by chance, to see if we could get a spot.

We did! And the spots are much nicer than the county spots with more seclusion, more modern bathrooms, and really easy access to the sea. Unfortunately, this campsite has more mosquitoes than the Sunset Bay ones. We did get a walk out to the beach and some sand time for Jet.

It was misty. And the spires of the capes on either side were far-off beauties. The rain started falling soon after we got there, and only added to the feeling of being home again. So odd to feel that way in a place I've never really been. John's been here before. Been here quite a few times with his parents. They went up to Netart's Bay to crab and clam and then bring their catches back to this very camp to boil them and eat them.

We went up to Netarts to see if they might have a grocery for breakfast or dinner stuff. John managed to get some yogurt and butter and popcorn, but that was about it. Luckily, on the way, we'd seen a Cafe, that had fresh, locally caught seafood. They had half a Dungeness crab with green salad on their specials board. Both John and I got that, as it was only ten bucks for the dinner. And it's not often that we can both have crab for only twenty dollars. Even a boat rental would have been more than that.

John remembers a lot about our honeymoon trip here. Where we got a small motor boat and went out into the Bay and caught crabs. I didn't remember much about it, oddly enough none of the landscape looked at all familiar to me, but it was pretty.

Jet sat in my lap for the whole meal. He wanted me to do all the coloring of the kid's menu with all the crayons. He wouldn't let John touch a crayon. Jet was fascinated with the whole process of shelling the crab and my eating it, but he wouldn't touch any of it. When he got his corndog he asked me to peel it, too, and he dipped it in my clarified butter before eating it. He approved of the added flavor. He also ate the whole thing. Wow.

Our oysters came after we were halfway through the meal. They were local, small oysters, sweet, perfectly fresh, and tasting of the sea. Wow. Just a bit of cocktail sauce with enough horseradish to give it a good kick. Yum. They'd taken so long because the chef had needed a little quiet time to do the shucking.

When we got back to the site. They went for a walk, around half the whole site. I stayed and started setting up camp and the 'tent'. It's nice to know where things go I also unloaded my last camera card, and got some time with this. That was good.

John and Jet popped popcorn while the sunset over the sea. From our site we could see the purple-rilled clouds and the last vestiges of light to the west. Pretty.

John had quite the adventure with the popcorn in a very thin-bottomed pot. He also used butter instead of oil, and the butter started to burn, along with the popcorn by the end of it and John managed to save it right a the end. There was no good way to tell when it was done, but he managed pretty well.

Jet took a cup of his popcorn into the van with him and went up into his bed area to eat it and wave, "Hi!" to the people that walked by our site. They were all completely unable to see him as he had no light source, until he pushed the button that made his tiger flashlight roar and light up. Then they would laugh and wave back to him. He ate the whole cup of smoky popcorn, happily. He also talked with John, thumped about, and seems to be enjoying the adventure immensely.

He is, as John said, "A happy camper." This is a good thing.

We'll be getting ready for bed soon, I think. Tired.

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