Liralen's Adventure Through Life
July 2003
  1: Restless
  2: Hunan Garden, Popsicle Nap, and Packing
  3: Visit from Rodney
  4: We Start West
  5: Nevada
  6: Ken and Gab's
  7: Gretchen, Brad, Trip, Marith, Christy, and Chrisber
  8: Roseville
  9: Ashland, OR
10: Sleeping In, Swimming, and Pillow Fight Supper
11: Elephants, Corn Dogs, and Science
12: The Park, the Lake, and a Chaos of Kids
13: Getting to Sunset Beach
14: Cape Lookout
15: 2654 Miles to Bellevue
16: Dinner and a Movie
17: The Bus Ride
18: Reading and T3
19: Rebecca in Dragonflies
20: Zoooooohheeeeeeee!
21: Dave and Mary, Tea, and Granville Island
22: A Leaf, Stanley Island, and C
23: Fruit Salad
24: Pho, Somerset Pool, and the Baldwins
25: Utilikilts, Sushi, and Victor's
26: William, Blueberries, and the Train
27: Church, Pulse, and Potato Salad
28: Portland
30: Getting Home -- Mile 4706
31: Settling Back In

This was our vacation month. We took our Eurovan and went West for 1000 miles, meandered about north for about 2000 miles, and then came home again. We had a blast.

As Fei, a co-worker of mine said, "It's hard to come back to the real world after being in Heaven."

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