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July 20, 1998

Monday Monday

Sunny day today. Not a lot to the day, so far, just brilliant sunshine, lots of missing the M3, and the office is really quiet as folks are out to summer vacations and things. I'm getting some things gradually and quietly done at work and things work out pretty well, on the whole. I think summer is really here, and with all this heat the root beer is probably going to do pretty well. The raspberries are out in the yard, now, and I can see the plums and apples coming in in great numbers.

A few memories that didn't get written down. Friday morning was really lazy, and we never really did get around to getting Fezzik out to the park. And instead of getting to Victor's we just went south and did coffee at Tully's before heading all the way to the airport. It was sunny then, too.

The sunshine down in California nearly melted me. It was so hot. Especially in the convertible with the top down, and on the grey/black upholstery, I felt completely melted. It was good to have the liquids we did in the car. I'm still feeling somewhat dehydrated.

Mostly, I'm tired. A bit of sleep deprivation. Not as bad as what would be if I'd not come home until midnight, but still pretty tiring. Not as bad as I've done in the past in the Bay Area.

I kinda miss seeing all the people that I usually see on the trips, but the road trip was something that I wouldn't have missed for just about anything. It was that keen. But I do kinda wish that I'd had just a bit more time with people. Though I also am glad that I got home as early as I did to make sure I had enough sleep for getting things done today. One good thing is that Dragonflight is coming up in Seattle, and folks may come up for that, or for Orycon in November.

Oh, yeah.

One of the marvels about the M3 was its convertible top. It was a one-button conversion. I just put on the parking brake, stepped on the brake, and then pushed the button. The windows would all simultaneously pop down a few inches, then the top would unlatch itself and slide away from the windshield. The back of the top would unlatch itself and raise itself up, then the lid to the hatch that the top would be stashed in would raise itself. The top would then ease itself into the hatch, folding itself neatly in, and then the top would come down and seal itself over everything as the windows rolled themselves all the way back up to provide wind protection. The whole thing would repeat itself, in smooth reverse, for the top to go back on. It took no effort on the part of the passengers or drivers.

Very sweet.

There were a thousand small things about the M3's control panel and interior setup that were simply superior. From the utterly intuitive atmosphere controls to the utterly easy to use radio and CD changer, from the design of the cup holders to the niche that could hold a celphone while it recharged right next to the cigarette lighter plug. All of it designed for the comfort of its inhabitants. It was so very cool.

Yeah, it's still on my brain today, and I actually signed up for the M coupe information list. Aiee.

Caffeine day just to stay awake. But I got some stuff done, and have other things yet to do. So that should be okay. Coca-cola and coffee and tea and more liquids yet to make up for the weekend and for the allergy medication I'm taking so that I don't sneeze quite as much. The caffeine is mild enough in some of those to let my body rehydrate some.

Oh! Yeah. Angie did get me dye, but it was the old Atlantic Blue. So I'll just have it going back to the color that I had it at. Not a bad thing, just brighter than I'd planned for earlier. She's looking for darker stuff for me, too, but this will at least keep the blondness at bay. So that should be good.

We wandered home around 7 p.m. and stopped to get dinner at The Fishin' Place because I really wasn't in the mood to cook and John had plans for the Stoat as the Stoat was making funny sounds, so he had bought a new universal joint during the day and was going to replace it. So I got some salmon with a dried tomato butter on it and orange glazed asparagus; and John got the shrimp and scallop lasagna with a shrimp Caesar. Yum. The plan was for John to work on what he was doing until the light went away and then we'd eat.

We bought, also, a mini-baguette and had some of the smoked salmon pate that the Fishin' Place had given us on an earlier trip. So we had some of that for a snack to last until John was done. I also pulled out the 10 year old basalmic vinegar and some olive oil and it was very yummy. I read and walked Fezzik and brushed him until I had another bunny-sized bundle of fluff which went into the ravine. I also watched some T.V. packaged up my copy of Neverwhere for Beth McCoy to watch and did a few other things for other folks. By the time I was done with everything it was a quarter 'til ten, and the light was gone.

John still wasn't quite done. So I made my own dinner, ate it and then went up to take a bath. John finished as I was going upstairs and then mentioned that I'd had a box at the front door. The box was my sandals from Victoria's Secret, nice wedge sandals that made me nearly two inches taller than John, but were utterly stable and comfortable as well. They do seem to help my legs look like they keep going forever. It's kinda fun. Just enough of a heel to 'em to look keen, and sand colored rather than black, but I didn't really mind that too much, given what I'd likely wear them with.

I used the Scottish bubblebath this time, and found that the bubbles were nearly as silky as the French stuff. It definitely wasn't the dense styrofoam of the other modern bubble baths, so I was happy immersing myself in them completely. Yum. John took a shower before getting into bed, and his hair was utterly wet when he came to bed, but it was nice to have a completely clean John in bed. <laughter>


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