Liralen's Adventure Through Life: July 1998
July 1998
 1: Biology Vrs Reality
 2: Settling Down
 3: We're Gonna Have Root Beer!
 6: Soggy Fourth
 7: Trashy Romances
 8: Riding to Work
 9: Recovery
10: Last PT, Maybe
11: Wanderings
12: Sharing
13: Another Loss
14: Bootcamp Memories
15: Small Actions
16: Sparks and Riding to Work
18: M3 Weekend
20: Monday Monday
21: Open Top and Unexpected Blues
22: True Blue
23: Exercise of Daily Life
24: Low Blood Sugar Grumpies
25: Mountain Bike Adventure
26: Sun Burnt
27: Way Too Damned Hot
28: Cool Work Day
29: Sore
30: Rain
31: Chinese Dinner

A month of discoveries, including what my leg can now do, now that my mind isn't getting quite as much in the way. Lots of riding to work on the new mountain bike, riding in actual mountains on the mountain bike and the first period of truly hot, hot, hot weather this summer.

It begins with a lot of losses, lots of life losses of people that I haven't kept that well in touch with, and sometimes think that I should have. But suicide and accident claims them, in ways that I can't fight and can't do anything about.

Carl and Gretchen help me re-discover that the actual key may well be to live my life to its fullest in recompense, or something. They do the excellent therapy of renting me a BMW M3 and we go romping through the beach areas and mountains in a very sweet little car. Yum.

And it ended with the beginning of a lovely, vivid weekend.

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