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July 27, 1998

Way Too Damned Hot

Work was okay. Lots more to do and I found out more of what I needed to focus on. Not a bad thing. The hard thing is that we have only til the end of the week to prove the feasibility of doing the next stage on the project's development for the next release. So there's a shit load of things to get finished. It's going to be hard, and I'm likely going to have to give up thinking about doing the story with the angels until after this all is done. We go get stuff done, and after Friday night, I wrote John at 5 p.m. to ask when we were going to go. We were out the door around 5:20.

And we walked right into a wall of heat. Oooof.

The hottest part of the day seems to be at 5 p.m.. Doh.

With the dead ahead deadline and the heat, it might be time to rethink getting out 'on time'. For this week, as least, it looks like it might be better to stay late and stay cool and get more done.

We wandered into the QFC to get food, and the air conditioning was such a relief. Fresh chicken and salads. Was thinking of frying the chicken with a Pepin technique and just eating cold stuff with it.

We got home, and all we could do was lay around panting with Fezzik. Regis wandered by and got hugged a lot and the two of us sat and talked over ice water and iced tea and that was all the energy I could muster. There was no way I was going to face hot oil in that heat. So we just talked a lot until Regis' pager went off, and she had to go back to work. Before dinner.


It was nearly 7:30 before it was cool enough to even think about cooking. So that's when I got the cold things together, beat out the chicken to a flat, thin pieces, dredged 'em in flour then in an egg wash and then pressed them into soft bread crumbs with lemon zest, fresh dill and some salt and pepper. When they were completely coated I finally turned on the heat under some canola and fried 'em with the exhaust fan running full blast. It was too damned hot.

But the chicken turned out light and crisp and perfect. The fresh bread crumbs don't soak up oil, so they fry up deeply crispy in a way that I'd always wanted to make fried chicken but never really knew how. So we ate and watched another episode of Iron Chef, this time with salted salmon.

Sleep was hard. Way too hot. So I just read a while before even trying..

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