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July 4, 1999

Blue Rapids

Tried my best to sleep late, but finally had to get up around 10 a.m. as I just couldn't sleep in the brightness and the heat. John had gotten up fairly early. But the two of us drove over to the diner by I-25 and ate breakfast from their buffet that morning. I didn't want to cook, but I really wanted something for breakfast. So that worked out pretty well. The food was pretty greasy, though, and that made my stomach a mite unhappy when we went back home and into the heat.

John then proposed re-dyeing my hair. It has faded to a green-blue that is pretty pale. Nausicaa, a long time ago, bought me some Special Effects Blue Velvet dye from Amphigory. I hadn't had a chance to use it, yet, and so we decided to go ahead and do it. From my list of possible hair folks that I wanted to do my hair, I found that all the ones that I really wanted to do it were busy for the next month to a month and a half, and I didn't really want to wait that long.

It didn't really take long. John sliced off the last two inches of hair, as it was getting pretty ragged, and then applied the dye to the bleached bits of my hair, mostly just noticing where it was light green or gold green and applying the dye to everything that was light. We then bundled it up in a disposable shower cap and I went outside to sit and read. Fezzik followed me, I think just for the company, and I sat and read Dan Simmon's Children of the Night and it seems to be my weekend for annoying books.

The problem with this one was that even as I read, I could name and count off all the mechanics of it. In Connie Willis' Domesday Book, I could see some of the things she used to pull emotional reactions from me, but she, at least, got those reactions. Simmon's book didn't even get the reactions. It was like watching someone pull rabbits out of a hat with the crate visible underneath.

I kept reading it, though, to see what I might glean from it.

Thirty minutes until the timer went off, then I washed bright, bright blue from my hair for about fifteen minutes. Eventually it rinsed mostly clear, and I was done.

By then it was time for the USA's game with Brazil. So I then wanders over to the shower and took a quick no-hair-washing shower and then watched the game with John. It was a really hard hitting game, with no quarter on either side. Neither team lost the game, and the US did, eventually, win it solidly. That was cool to watch.

Afterwards we piled Fezzik into the back of Borax and we went to the irrigation channels and let him go into the water as he liked. One ditch was running fast and deep enough that when Fezzik went out into it he got swept downstream and the leash on his collar was the only thing that pulled him back towards the bank. He found his footing and then pushed against the on-coming current to get back to us, but he looked kinda startled when he started flowing with the water downstream. He got back just fine and then went nosing about the slower of the streams. The slower one also had mosquitos, so I was swatting like crazy as he meandered about. John didn't seem to notice.

So, wet and happy, Fezzik got loaded back into Borax and we took him home before we drove off to the Rapids game in Mile High Stadium.

Yes, that's the stadium that the Broncos play in during football season, so it was only the size of a football field. John was told that we were in general seating, so that we had to get there early to get good seats. The person that told him that was wrong, we were in the box seats, which had assignments and we were right next to the place where the players came on the field. They even blew up a soccer arch for them to come running through onto the field. That was funny.

I wasn't that impressed with the game. The field was too small, the players were too... I'd say showy. They weren't finishing, they weren't playing like they meant it and they were constantly making mistakes that even some of our co-rec teams weren't making. They couldn't connect, they tried to dribble too much, and they basically didn't play well together. The Columbus team actually played somewhat better than the Rapids did, and so won the game by about three goals. The field was also way smaller than it should have been with players of that speed and passing ability. Everywhere the ball went, there were at least four or five people and there was always a crowd in front of the goal when the Rapids went on the attack. It was kind sad.

The fireworks made up for it, though.

As impressed as I was with the show yesterday, this one beat it decisively. There were star-shaped charges, more charges for more songs. There were some really keen shells that had really loud bangs. One that was half purple, half green. Some more of the willow-tree charges that went on even longer, the streamers floating down over nearly half a minute and ending in apple-red glows of color. The finale was awe-inspiring. It went to the same kind of cresendo that yesterdays had and then kept going, and when I thought that there was no way it was doing to get brighter, they'd double the shell intensity. It was insane. After the end, they said that it was the largest fireworks display in Colorado, and from the number and intensity of shells they fired, I'd expect that they were right.

We spent half an hour in traffic that was going no where. The only time it moved was when someone turned back the other way. So, finally, we turned back the other way, ended up in I-25 going the wrong way, but the next exit made it easy to turn around. So we did. That was good and quick and soon we were headed home through flat country that was just blooming with fireworks in all directions. Seems that the soccer game took less time than the baseball game, and there were displays in *all* directions. John joked that next year we should just go up and down I-25, taking turns driving and watching the displays. When you can see everywhere, you can see all the displays, unlike in Seattle, where hills, trees, and even the lakes make it nearly impossible to see more than a mile or so in any direction, so even if there was another display just around the bend there was no way to see it.

Here you could see everything.

That was pretty cool.

Exhausted from lack of sleep the night before, I just went to bed and sleep when we got home.

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