Liralen's Adventure Through Life
July 1999
  1: First Tries
  2: Flying Burros and Tarzan
  3: Too Darned Hot
  4: Blue Rapids
  5: Books, Weeds, and Meat
  6: Pulls
  7: Going Swimming
  8: Swapping Out
  9: Biking to Work
10: US vs China WWC and Saturday Stuff
11: Crab Cakes
12: Solid Day
13: Working Through and US Soccer!
14: Resolution and Vid Games
15: Laying Ghosts
16: Friday?
17: Cooking Day
18: The Back Acre
19: Bad Day Good Night
20: Helter Skelter
21: Bug Hunting
22: One Off Error
23: Food Prep
24: Stone Soup
26: Storms and Stillness
27: Chocolate Cake!
28: Order
29: Friends and Magic
30: Pouring Rain
31: Fully, Happy Saturday

The whole month is mildly depressed and depressing, though I eventually get out of it in the end. Cera might have been right in saying that a lot of it is that I'm still feeling rootless. I am definitely not centered and definitely not settled thoroughly into the new job and the new environment and the new possiblities and limitations. I do find some solace in food and in the Food Network.

Started the month thinking that I might try out for a triathlon, but after a week of training decided that, in a month, given that I haven't really acclimated to the altitude and the fact that I hadn't swum for a couple decades and not really run for nearly a year and a half, that it was kinda silly to even contemplate. I did bike more, swim a bit, and run a bit, all of which were solidly convincing that this probably wasn't something I could do now. I did, however, find that swimming was far more fun than I thought it would be.

Had a breaking apart of ways with Mark. I think it might be an ending of sorts, but I never know with him.

Looking back at the entries, I seem to be starting something with Cera as well. New seed from winter blasted soil. I don't really know with that, either. So far, it's a very solid and interesting friendship, and I'm finding that I'm gradually opening up emotional paths that I've securely and thoroughly clamped down on for years.

Unlooked for, I seem to have grown something very interesting with Genevieve when I wasn't really looking for it and I think that it's solid, strong and good in ways I hadn't really valued, perhaps, as much as I should have.

All in all, it's been a month of growth, it seems. Some of it painful, some of it less so; and as the rest of the Synario folks move down from Seattle, things have gotten better, all together. Folks to share with, folks to care about and folks that we know well enough to share meals, fun, laughter, work, and problems with. This should be better in the long run than it's been.

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