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Now I Know

Now I know why J. Peterman's made such a fuss about French bubble bath, and why no one would want anything else. Yeesh. It is, as with everything, a difference of degrees, but a difference nontheless. It started with the simple amount to use... which was about a fifth what I use of the chemical stuff. The next was when the clear, thick liquid hit the water. Instant bubbles en masse, and a clear, delicate scent that was clean and a lot gentler than the deeply perfumed rose stuff I usually use. The scent was sweet and cool like new mown grass but with something like the memory of honeysuckle, floral without being florid. It floated to fill the entire room with the steam from the water.

When I normally get into my rose bubble bath, the foam is dense and thick, nearly styrofoam like. This stuff, though was a bit more like the black current bubblebath that I'd bought when I was in Germany, a smooth, almost creamy foam that was soft and glided gently against the skin. Yum.

So I happily lay there in the heat and the scent and the bubbles with flames flickering from the candles in the corner and nearly fell asleep in the relaxing comfort.

It had been a nasty day. Getting up at 6 a.m. was hard, and I just tackle hugged Raven to wake him up enough for him to say goodbye to John and I and then we went to work and tackled things there pretty head-on. Didn't go home until 6 p.m., which was when we finally finished what we had to finish.

Dinner was fast and fun. Just bought a slab of salmon, some white wine and we had fresh pasta from Larry's, so I set up the pot to boil water, put the pan on the fire with a bit of butter. Quick pan-fried the salmon, and as it was done, the water came to a boil. I pulled the salmon from the pan, added a mass of white wine, then dumped the pasta into the boiling water, and by the time it came back to a boil, I just dumped some half-and-half into the reduced wine and when the pasta was done, the half-and-half had reduced to a thick, creamy sauce.

Dinner in about the time it took to boil water. Yay!

It was yummy, too. I just piled the pasta on the fish, added the cream sauce, put on a sprinkle of dill weed and served with nuked petite peas and John had toasted some King's Hawaiian bread rolls. Yum. We ate, watched World Cup Soccer, and the USA team did okay against Germany, much better than expected.

Germany is a powerhouse soccer country and they're expected to be second in the world and were expected to wipe the floor with the Americans. The USA team did really well in comparison to how they were supposed to do, no matter what the stupid TV commentators on the network channel said. The ESPN2 folks had much more realistic expectations and were pleased with how well the US did play in the second half. There was one terrible mistake in the first that ended in a goal, but the defender that made the mistake is usually so good there, and had, in the past made some spectacular saves on the line, so I can't be too hard on him.

The action was solid and swift and in the second half the US team actually got the French crowd involved, solidly involved in cheering for them, which was really keen. They were imaginative and put together some really sweet combinations together that were unexpected and really nice. Steward played a sweet game and Cobie Jones was all over the field. The American strikers, both of them, didn't do quite as much as was necessary to finish a few of the attacks, but that was kinda expected as the weak spot of the American team.

The really, really bad thing about watching was that I wanted to play again. Even after seeing some of the bone-crushing collisions. Yow. I just want to get back into the game again, it's such a keen game. So physical and competitive and fast. With connections that just can't be made in any other game. Ah well. We'll see.

Then I went up to have my bath. Yum.

All in all a good ending to a hard day.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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