Liralen's Adventure Through Life
  1: Cranky Monday
  2: Funny How the Net Works
  3: Accepting Gifts
  4: Reving Up
  5: Battlelines
  6: A Movie of a Life
  7: Under the Moon
  8: Long Odd Day
  9: Boring
10: Readin' Again
11: Workout
12: Thank God for Fridays
13: Houses Suck
14: End of an Era
15: Now I Know
16: Good Food
17: Vid Catchup
18: The Day Before Vacation
19: Sunshine All Over
20: The Dancing Ferret
21: Disconnect
22: Impulse Wandering
23: Getting Home
24: Grrrowf
25: d*stress
26: Swamp Dog!
27: Summer Splurge
28: Hot Home Day
30: Long Day Revolt

A month that started with seeing Raven a lot, to take advantage of his presense here in Seattle while he was still here. Just various small excursions, small sharings and the acceptance of various gifts, each to the other. Then he stayed at the house for one last weekend before driving off to his future.

The weekend was great fun, and nyah, Raven, you didn't find your Lost True Love the day before you had to go away. May Fortune and the Goddess bless your ways, Trickster and friend.

There was the ramping up of effort and time and sheer brain power for a release.

There was also a visit from Charlie, from Albuquerque and in the background of it all was the slow building of the capabilities of my reconstructed leg. Slow, patient weight-lifting kinds of things, cumilating in the buying of a mountain bike that I'm still not sure I'll use as often and as much as it should be used, but all the intentions are there. That may be tracked as time goes on.

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