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June 20, 1999
a year ago

Worry Wart

I was a complete worry wart all day, stuffing little things into my bags here and there and everywhere, thinking of possibilities and calamities and trying to minimize everything. After a talk with my Dad that included their problems getting to New England and Toronto because of thunderstorms (their initial flight got in late by hours, their connecting flight was cancelled, and their luggage sent to entirely the wrong place because of huge thunderstorms in Chicago. Days of delays in the end) I very carefully packed what I would check-in and what I would carry on. What was absolutely necessary.

John distracted me all day by getting me to do things for him, around the house. When I travel it's a bit like I put all my regular life on hold for a day or two before hand, so that I get everything ready, detail by detail. I still haven't traveled quite enough by myself to really know what I really want to do, but the stuff that I do know I try and set up beforehand.

I did manage to water all the indoor plants, water all the outdoor plants, feed the pine trees, and get everything done of all that that I really wanted. I even finished my second sock while watching Nigeria play a devastating game even after they were a player short. Also read about the US win and thought it exceedingly appropriate that Mia Hamm scored the first goal. There were articles about her and her feelings about being a role model for girls all over the world, and it was really cool to read about.

I love the various commercials they've come up with.

Ended up with a good bath and slept badly as I kept thinking of more stuff to stuff into my bags. Argh. I had to get up pretty early to make it to my flight after leaving my car at the parking lot. John promised to make me a mocha in the morning.

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