Liralen's Adventure Through Life
June 1999
  1: Adrenaline Rush
  4: Busy Week
  6: Lazy Weekend
  7: Forwards and Back
  8: Messed-Up Day
  9: Rain
10: Done One Thing
11: Kathy Arrives
12: Pearls and Wandering
13: Random Walk
14: Discovering
15: Small Discoveries
16: Back to Work
17: Dinner, Business and Blastus
18: Chaos States
19: Wool Mart, Touchdown, and Sports
20: Worry Wart
21: Getting There
22: Wandering Through
23: Six Drink Minimum
24: Getting Home
25: Trying to Catch-up
26: Mountain Adventures
27: Flying, Ginger Beer and Soccer
28: Riding to Work
29: Conflicts
30: Doing

Gradually we finally get the time to settle into the house in Boulder in the good, old summer time. Did a lot of exploring of the neighboring regions and drove up into the mountains a few times just to look.

Fezzik gets his wading pool. He also gets lumps on his body that turn out to be benign fatty tumors and he also gets some extra help from some very nice vets in the area with his arthritus. He gets spoiled rotten by a visit from his Auntie Kathy, who also brought a lovely care package of Asian food, and gets lots of walks when he is visited by Uncle Paul.

I get minor upheaval when I'm asked to go to DAC, but it all turns out for the best, as N'walins, the Big Easy is everything I'd ever read about her being, both good and bad. Beautiful, great food, humidity that would kill anything, and mad, bright, and alluring all. Realized, though, that I really have no desire to travel yet because my roots are so shallow that I feel like I'm getting pulled up again when I go.

Ended with the lure of a new Never Done, i.e. a short triathlon. Hard enough to be a real prize, easy enough to seem possible.

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