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June 25, 1999
a year ago

Trying to Catch-Up

Woke up after a rather hot night still feeling battered and tired and my feet were still swollen, so there wasn't any way that I was going to be able to ride my bike into work for the seventeen miles. I found out it was seventeen miles from John. The Walk and Roll count for the company was very impressive, and I found out that they had counted me, so I'm going to have to do it next week, sometime, but better than today.

I spent the morning trying to catch up with my email, trying to sort through the piles of stuff that I'd brought back from the show, and trying to get my brain back on-line after the exhausting week. It didn't really work at all well. And I only had the morning because the afternoon was spent in a party and movie theater with the rest of the company because we'd hit a deadline solidly. So everyone was taking time off even as I was trying to get ramped back up. Not a good combination.

It also turned out that some of the pralines that I'd brought back from New Orleans were fuzzy. How sad.

The partying was pleasant enough and John's brother Paul walked in on the movie just as it was starting, so we hooked up with him no problem. After the movie we went to the Walnut Creek Brewery and had a great dinner with a brand-new waiter that we asked difficult questions of and had fun with. The meal was yummy and afterwards we went to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream and then wandered up and down the Pearl street Mall. We found a juggler with a penchant for loud sales pitches, feigned terror and a 20 foot tall unicycle. That was fun to watch and he entertained enough, especially with some amusing playing with the traffic that was going through right through his venue that we pitched money into the hat, though it wasn't the $20 bills he was asking for.

Paul and John took Borax back home while I took the Passat to work where I had to get two things.

One was a box for Genevieve that I hadn't managed to post, yet. The other was a CD that Cera gave me that I hadn't had enough brain to listen to carefully, yet. I needed to bring that home for the weekend.

The rest of the evening was taken with talking and catching up with Paul, which was as fun as it ever is with the Rostykus brothers. Adventures and discoveries galore and stories of friends and family and his flying adventures in the desert and in the high places with the thinner air. He'd also lived in the Ft. Collins area for a while so knew the area pretty well and noted that the heat we were having was uncharacteristic of the place. He'd flown in that morning, then used Borax to wander about, and in the mid-day, the heat had been pretty bad in the house. John and I are rarely in the house all day but for weekends, and it wasn't something we had done much about in the morning. If we'd left the windows open upstairs it would probably have been better.

As it was, when we went to sleep, we left the side door open and the fan going and, eventually, it got cool enough to sleep. Thank goodness it isn't nearly as humid as it was in New Orleans.

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