March 1, 1998

Strange Daze

The box that I picked up from the Post Office had treasures in it. One was a white silk scarf that flowed really well, another were two boiled wool mittens, and the third was a lovely 6 Wale corduroy jumper in navy blue. It was lovely, heavy and flowed just the way the J. Peterman Company's catalogue said it would.

It's just gorgeous, and I just love it. Wore it to the dinner that was usually share with three other couples, with the poet's shirt and the three-quarters circle cape into the rainy night. The hood caught all the rain and it was wonderful about keeping all the wet off my dress. I loved it.

Dinner itself was pretty good. Though nearly everyone now has kids in the group, so much of the conversation had to do with kids, their care and their problems. Not actually a problem in any way. I also got to practice bending my knee under the table so that my foot could nearly come underneath me. We stayed up until about 10pm talking with folks, and got to sleep around 11pm.

I didn't wake up until about 11am. John had gone to do Sunday school, and so I just slept in. I got up when I did so that I could get some vegetables roasted before he got back home, and while they were roasting, I did my physical therapy exercises and then, after turning things over, found myself riding the exercise bicycle without any problems at all. John came back home about then, and after my shower and lunch we went to work. I thought we were going to come back home after spending a little time at work, and then I could get Raven's phone number to tell him when we were going to see Dark City. But it turned out that John had different plans.

So we went to work, did stuff until 5pm, which is when we went to see the movie, have some popcorn and a KitKat. The movie was really keen. I enjoyed it a lot and while I know that in five years, we'll look back on it and go, "Man, those special affects are dated." It was very pretty. The City was a keen mix between Gotham, London, and scenes from The Island of Lost Children. The plot was good and creepy and it was fun to figure it out as it went along. I enjoyed it a lot.

Then we went *back* to work. John had said that he wanted to go back after the movie, just before the movie, so it wasn't particularly a surprise. I just have no idea what would have happened if I'd said, "No. I really need to put some time into my journal," and, yes, next time I'll find out.

By the time we finished stuff and got out it was about 10pm. So we headed for a grocery store and got a flank steak marinated in teriyaki sauce, and went home and cooked rice (okay... all we had was risotto), broiled the steak and nuked some green beans. The steak was a little sad, and the teriyaki sauce was a bit plain. But it was hot and it was food and it was good. I also tossed the odd-tasting tapioca pudding and had bought some of the rice pudding from the QFC that I liked, and had some of that for dessert. Yum. I think that the milk things help coat my stomach a bit before I hit it with the painkillers, which may just be fond thinking.

By then it was midnight.

I made the mistake of choosing to update this and call Raven to make up for the fact that I hadn't been able to call him to tell him when and where we were going to see the movie. So now I'm up at about 2:30am, and I have a fairly early morning ahead of me and John actually came down just a few minutes ago to check on me, and I got grumpy at him because I was feeling guilty about being up this late. Raven's used to these hours, and I would be happier doing these hours regularly, but I really can't and keep up with John and his schedule.

Markleford used to tell me that I should just make my own schedule and not follow John's when it would kill me, but I dunno. I really probably should have just told Raven that I couldn't stay up as late as he does. Or something. My natural cycle is the one that that I usually do with Carl, which is to stay up until about 2am, sleep until 10 and get together, with my brain ready around noon. But I kinda proved this morning that I could get myself motivated to so *something* earlier if I get to bed early enough.

Okay... the painkillers have made it really easy to get to sleep early, but I'm not sure that that's a good thing.

It usually and always comes down to being my fault anyway. I should have thought enough to bring Raven't number with me to work, I should have told him that I couldn't talk that late, or I should just have gone home after that first work bit when there really wasn't all that much I could have done anyway and I felt like I was just wasting my time and getting into people's way, and I should have had this entry and this month together ready to roll and just go, and I really should have known that I was going to stay up too late if I started what I wanted to get done after doing what I had no real desire to do.

Or, maybe I should just deal with the day as it was spent and go on to the next. Likely the best solution. I did manage to load some software and do some configuring so at least it wasn't a complete loss. I just feel kinda stupid now for just going with the flow that John laid down, even if it was the polite thing to do, and really wasting a day that could have been *mine*. Okay... I guess the real solution to that is to go and seize the next day for my own.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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