March 2, 1998

Making Up...

... is easy to do. When it's possible to wake the other half up at 3am and go, "Hey! I have a problem here, and I'd really like to work this through so that I don't have to go to bed mad."

And so it worked out pretty well. Got to talk with John for a while and get through all the frustration of the day and we figured out ways to make it work later on. Carl Rigney wrote a great letter, and I think that I may well just give up guilt for Lent instead of anything else. It would work better, I think. Also Raven wrote to say that he would gladly not visit if I was too tired, but of course I didn't get any of that until after I got home, as my work accounts aren't wired into the Greater Internet, yet.

Work was very busy today. Moved into my very own office after an attempt to room with someone else in an office that was way too small for the two of us. So it was good that we had two offices to move into. My office now has a window, too, and I got to watch the mass of clouds roll in while I was reading bits from 3001 while teaching NaturallySpeaking my voice patterns again. That was very good. I enjoyed that a lot.

It was so amazing to just be able to close the door. And I was useful today even though I wasn't connect to any network, was able to get some documents up to date, and finish some design modules that I hadn't thought I'd get done. Plus unpack about eight boxes of stuff. Decided that there was no point to having moved everything over and not have it unpacked and ready to hand for use if I wanted it. So I did. Even hauled the two book cases in and did a lot of white board hanging for myself and the group.

It was like moving into a new house, with all the new paint and the new kitchen and the new bathroom and the new furniture and all the keen things that could be done with things that I hadn't ever really had before. That was really fun. The window still amazed me every time I got to look outside.

We got home semi-latish and so I'm doing this while waiting for William to appear and he has now, so I'm going to go and cook dinner and likely talk until late and have fun. Today really was a day well worth having. A definite advantage over yesterday.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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