March 7, 1998

Two Things in One!

Saturday was dominated by two activities, taking Fezzik to the Marymoore off-leash area to play and playing in Genevieve's In Nomine game. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm with no hint of rain.

Mike had arrived night before with no fanfare and no fuss. He's going to be staying at the house for the next week while looking for work and an apartment and generally settling into the area. I knew him from the Callahan's days, and we've kept in fairly good contact since then. In some ways he's escaping from L.A., has family in this area, and knows that he likes the area, so it's a cause worthy of support. He's always been good company and a fun conversationalist when he's come down for short visits and we've gone out for a meal. I enjoy his sense of humor and admire his good sense.

So Saturday morning, we all piled in the Stoat and went out to Marymoore. The minute we got inside the gate Fezzik took off for the water, as he usually does, at a full-out gallop. Fezzik actually did pretty well this time around, and didn't hound any single dog so much that he had to be chased off. Instead, he went zooming from side to side, running back and forth within about a hundred yards and generally staying within sight. Since I wasn't about to run anywhere, this was a very good thing, and we were able to mostly keep up with him by just strolling back and forth from the central watering area. That way we could see him at either apex of his runs, and still get a little exercise of our own.

We let him run until he was flagging and his tongue was hanging out. So he was fairly simple to corner by that point, and we got his leash on him and went home.

Everyone that wanted lunch scrounged what they wanted, and mostly went their separate ways. John went out to the garage to work on the Land Rovers, and I went up to the computer to play in Genevieve's game.

The players had to wait a while, because not everyone was there. So I worked on the right up for Bryant's monster truck game as I waited. I didn't really get very far, because there were so many interesting conversations going on in both windows of my MUSH client. It was, however, fun to try; and gave me good opportunity to go through all my notes and make sure that they were both in order and legible.

Once started going, the game was absolutely excellent. I'm impressed, she got the log up already. One warning, it's very long. It was detailed, filled with the necessary elements to figure out what was going on, and resolved in satisfying ways. It also took quite a while to get through everything, but was well worth the time and the loss of a sunny afternoon.

By the time it was done, I was starving. John had mentioned a sherry chicken recipe that Greg Samson had given us years ago, and I wanted to re-create it. It had been a long time, so we had little memory of the exact details of the recipe, but there was enough to get the gist of what should go into the dish. Basically, brown bite sized pieces of chicken dredged in flour in hot butter, then and just about as much, in volume, halved mushrooms and quarter cup of sherry per serving. Lower the heat, cover it, and let steam in the sherry for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then sprinkle grated Parmesan over everything, let that melt, and then serve over rice. Really yummy, really quick

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