March 6, 1998

Steadier Day

Found the Psykosonik's album yesterday and was vastly entertained by it while I was writing code. 'Technojihad' is always good for that. Especially since I'm working with jhd files, which we call, internally jihad files, rather than the long-winded just-in-time hierarchical design files. They're built each time we have to figure out a hierarchy in a user design and are read and written for that express purpose. I also found out why everything on Surfacing sounded familiar. I already had it. Which was somewhat embarrassing to find out, but I realized that I hadn't had any good associations with the new album until Raven gave them to me, so that worked out really well, in some ways. So I shall have a copy of the CD to either give back to him or to hand on to someone else that would love it. Either way, it's been a win with that album.

I've been listening to music a lot more frequently lately. Even watching MTV occasionally and just listening and thinking and watching and feeling again. It's been something of a change for me, and people are, fairly steadily, giving me more music to listen to, think about, and feel through. That's helped a lot. Gradually finding that I like what I like, still, whether or not it's pop or not. Some of that has been help from Raven in just trying to not get caught up in the odd feeling that I 'should' only like things that aren't pop. That what I'm familiar with may be simply what I like, and no problem.

So that is good. The sunshine continues today as well, with a frigid night and a brilliant morning. I'm finding that having the sunshine is helping my mood immensely.

What also helped was riding my exercise bike last night. Rode it hard enough that afterwards I had to lay down or fall down, so I knew that I'd actually pushed my physical abilities instead of just staying inside them. Which is the only way to build strength. So that was very good. Also got a writeup of the last month or so's adventures and progress together for my Lirakin list that helped Paul K. out on some of his workout adventures. He was so sore from a workout two days ago that everything hurt, but he managed to just work through it and felt better for it. That was cool to find out.

One thing that really has been noticeable has been the fact that my mood smoothes out significantly when I exercise 'enough'. It has to be up to a certain point or I stay moody, antsy and depressed. With a hard enough workout, I get tired enough to wear that edge off and get more reasonable rather than emotional. The experimental evidence is somewhat surprising. I wasn't sure that it would change things that much, but it really did. Got my shower and a lovely quick dinner of roasted eggplant and red bell pepper with goat cheese on pita bread in before John even got home. So I was content and sleepy and in bed early.

Dreamed colorfully again. Mostly about setups again and coding and what it would feel like to go into a computer through input devices. Have to write something up about Sephar wandering into a machine that way. It felt neat.

Breakfast included a stop by Victor's, where John gave Victor a Land Rover. Okay... a Land Rover zipper pull, in all it's enameled glory. The folks in Alaska that make a bunch of enameled pins had come up with a lovely Land Rover with full detail. Victor loved it. So we brought our mochas into work and found that the Culture Fairy had brought in croissants a la Peggy Craddock, so we munched and got to work.

Brilliantly sunny day today. So much so that I've had to close the shutters on half my window so that I didn't have to look into the glare to look at my monitor. Or to wist over the sunshine outside while I had to stay in to do things.

Had a really productive meeting with John and Bob over the next steps in this stage. Though I'll readily admit that I feel a lot like the neophyte of the group, I guess that that allows me to learn the most as well. But we're tackling a lot of things that will probably take the whole group another step along the learning curve for MFC, COM, and the like. Coding is a lot more fun when there's something to do with a particular technology and we have some freedom to do what we *can* do rather than staying stuck in a box.

Push, push, push...

Vanguard is this coming Saturday, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it, what with the game tomorrow afternoon. Then again, John isn't that much into fandom, and I'm not very prone to going to gatherings where I don't know many people. So I'm not all that sure I'd have made it anyway. But we'll see. I have the address and when it is, I'll see if I make the time for it or not.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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