March 10, 1998

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not a lot of interesting things going on, mostly just work and getting things done at work. Did get home kinda late last night, and had fun teaching Mike how to cook a simple bleu cheese and pasta dish. I didn't put quite enough bleu into it, but it was pretty tasty anyway. Mostly an Alfredo sauce base and add generous amounts of bleu, some chopped ham and onion and plenty of cream and cheese.

Oh! Yes, and John just *rocks* and managed to make our home machine dual-boot so that we could play Neverhood. It's a Claymation vid-game where the only way you can die is very, very clearly marked. Zonker says that it's like Myth on Drugs, and she's right. I love it. It's funny, clever, and fun and we're about a third of the way through it, we figure.

We're stuck at the moment, but that'll come. I love the funny sounds and the burp of epic proportions.

So we played until about midnight last night, and then went to sleep.

Did get to get out for lunch, to the local grocery store for hot sandwiches and I also got blue bubblegum pop from Jones' and also managed to pick up one of the Republic of Tea's Brew Baskets because I was curious as to its construction and I kinda needed one for the two cup teapot. I burnt myself fairly badly on the two-cup pot a few weeks back and thought it would be easier with the basket than without. It's a simple polymesh basket that's about a quarter the price of my gold one that I normally use at work, and it's just fine for a mug or a small tea pot.

Small comforts in a mostly even day.

Got about five books open right now on various things that I'm building, thinking of building, and contemplating right now. It's fun puzzling things out and having the peace and quiet and concentration time to do so. Very enjoyable. By the end of the week, we should have a prototype ready for people to shoot at and fill the spec out just a bit more.

I haven't contacted the ACL surgeon yet. I should. The sooner I get it done the sooner I'll be back on my feet, but it feels so darned good to just be able to get up and down the stairs, to get to my office, to walk with a straight step and with speed. I almost don't want to do the surgery now, but I also know that if I don't, I'll likely not play soccer again, so I really have to. It just feels so good to be whole for a little while, though.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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