March 11, 1998

Piecemeal Day

John had a meeting last night, so I stayed home and did my exercises and rode the bike like a good girl. Mike had gotten back to the house fairly early, so had let Fezzik out of the run and out of the house, so Fezzik was off running about. Mike was really keen and made macaroni and cheese while I showered. It was kinda a double keeness, as I gave him the recipe for mac and cheese and he put it together just fine and it turned out really good.

Hungry girl.

Fezzik never did make it home that night. John and I drove around in the morning looking for him and finally found him nearly a mile away, in his usual haunts, though, so it was possible. He at least has some habits in his wanderings. It's just kinda scary though, going to sleep and not knowing when or where Fezzik is. We kinda figured that since Mike let him out, he thought that we weren't around or something, and just took off.

I never really like that. He used to go out and come back fairly quickly, and for the last several weeks has been pretty good about that. And when we found him in the morning, he was exhausted, hangdog and quiet. He got better after we got him home, though.

For some reason, missing Fezzik also triggered my might as well *do* this and get it over with feelings and so I did all the necessary things to call the necessary people about getting my knee looked at by the orthopedist that was recommended the most. I hate calling people, but I did about six different calls, to set up the appointment, to get my records transferred, to get my X-Rays and MRI set aside for me to pick up and that felt really good.

At lunch time we went and got all the X-Rays and MRI's, as well as a modem cable for the machine at home and lunch. Yum. Stopped at the Sunshine Baking Company to find lunch, and they also had the Republic of Tea's Chai, so I bought a cannister of it, along with a heat proof rubber spatula for all those cream sauces I seem to be doing lately. John, on the other hand, took a look in the kitchen area after we ordered lunch and found something that we've been looking for for a few months. A bar to hang pans from.

Presently we have a cupboard for all our pans, the problem is that when you stack pans, they scratch all the non-stick surfaces badly. So the proper way to keep them is to hang them up. Our new kitchen has a few places that things can hang from, but not many. So we've been looking for a good bar to put in the places that we have. And they had the perfect one for a good price, so John bought it right then and there. Hoorah!

Work's been going well, and I keep thinking that I'm going to be the one that holds things up. As both John and Bob are great coders, but I seem to do okay at design and the coding is coming along okay. So I'll just keep cranking and see how it goes.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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