March 14, 1998

Cleaning Day

The meeting Friday night went really well, and large part because everyone there had thought they were the only ones that were having problems. So was very useful to have everyone collaborating each others problems and stories. John got a lot out of it, and came home feeling much better than he was before. So that made everything more stable for him as well as for me. It also gave me more insight as to how other people saw what was happening at the church.

The good thing was that it allowed everyone to vent, and it gave a constructive outlet for everyone's negative feelings. The last was the most useful of the entire exercise.

Saturday morning was clear and bright, and we woke with far more things to do than we really had time to do.

So we dived in, with a solid breakfast, and then we tackled Fezzik. The boy really needed a bath, and so we gave it to him out on the back porch. And afterwards, we all enjoyed the sunshine, and Fezzik gamboled about like a big puppy, rolling in the grass, rubbing up against every wall of the house that he could, and making a mad dash towards anyone that called his name. That was a lot of fun.

Then we spent several hours cleaning the house. Part of the problem is that our normal fairy housecleaner decided not only to get married, but to stop doing the housecleaning thing after she got married, so she's kinda disappeared into the ether. So we had a house that had Fezzik hair all over it, much of the dirt Fezzik had tracked into the house all over the floors, and lots of dust patches and cobwebs here and there and everywhere. So we spent a whirlwind period of time vacuuming everything, and then mopping all the floors, dumping all the garbage, cleaning all available counter spaces, and moving lots of furniture to get to the places underneath as well as beating all the assorted rugs, mats, and other things out in great plumes of dust on the back porch.

Fezzik avoided the vacuum. I don't think he's actually scared by it so much as vastly annoyed by it. So we used it to keep him out of the kitchen while I was mopping.

John had bought a scanner during the latter part of the week, and took sometime to set it up. We then set the MRI on the scanner and tried to get it to scan. It took several tries before we realized that the cover to the scanner was black, so provided no contrast to the MRI slide. After we put some white paper behind it, the scans came out much much better.

During the long wait, during the latter scan, John went downstairs to check on the soccer schedule, and found out that the playoff game that he was supposed to be playing in was earlier than he had thought and on a different field. One of the hazards of having two soccer schedules hanging together on the calendar. In fact, at the moment he had discovered the problem, he was supposed to be on the field. He was rather upset with himself. So, instead of sitting at home and doing the deacon's sharing, I went with him to the game.

We arrived at the field in question only to find that the game being played there didn't have any of our team mates in it. Since it was the field, and the time, we decided that we simply must not have been in the playoffs and the manager had forgotten to tell us of the change. So, instead, we went to the Arboretum and went on a walk through Azalea Lane, which is lined, on both sides, with cherry and wild plum trees, all in full-out bloom. Clouds of pink, white, dark pink and nearly purple were blooming on either side, all down the lane. So we walked, with Fezzik for as far as my knee would go.

The knee's mostly stable, now, but mostly for everyday use and bicycling on a stable and standing bike. So while it's mostly structurally solid, when I do something unusual, like walking on an uneven path, it just gets more tired more quickly. Part of the problem is that I can feel it slipping, even for everyday, normal activities, on the striking out part of the step, I can feel it slide just a bit as well as feeling all my muscles tightening up to compensate and try to get it not to slip. So... I found out during that walk that it wasn't even really stable for what I'd like to do everyday, even without soccer.

An interesting discovery.

So, we got back around 4:30 or so, and Mike noted that we weren't gone nearly long enough for a game, so we filled him in. Then the three of us went upstairs to the machine and played more with the scanner images.

Yes, I'll have them up eventually. Just gotta figure a way to upload 'em easily.

We went to dinner around 6, to Lombardi's, the garlic Italian restaurant that we like a lot and we ate quite a lot and talked some and got to find out Mike's plans for the next week. I'll have to say that Mike's been one of the absolute best visitors we've had for quite a while. He did a lot of cool, simple, small things, like washing the dishes, putting the silverware into the dishwasher correctly, offering to help with all the small jobs around the house, including with all the cleaning. It's been really good, and he took us to a great dinner and then we went to FarFar's for dessert, where I had my usual Mandarin chocolate chip ice cream in a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. Mike expressed fear at the concept, so I let him taste it and he said that it met his expectations. *laughter*

After getting home, I couldn't get the NaturallySpeaking software to work right, and I originally thought it was because of the installation, so I completely re-installed it, which also meant re-training it, which was a real pain. By then it was 10 pm and I still hadn't started my deacon's stuff, and, well, I wasn't happy. After a crying fit, I went back at it and finished it around midnight, went down to hug Mike and John and then went to sleep

Brought to you by Dragon System's NaturallySpeaking.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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