March 13, 1998

A Nice Loud Jersey!

Got a lot further with some of the things that I was trying to do, yesterday. So that was good. Got home in time for John to run off to soccer, and on the porch was a box!

Hoorah! It was my Czech hockey jersey! So I wore it into work today! It's bright red and blue and has a huge CZECH written across the butt. I love it, as it's the perfect length for my leggings/tights, and matches the colors that I have. It's also exceedingly bright.

You'd think I'd be *used* to being conspicuous, what with my green hair, but I felt exceedingly conspicuous as I wore it to work. Not at work. Folks at work are used to seeing me in nearly anything, and I'm never, ever going to top John in pink and black satin. But I felt pretty much like a sore thumb while amid the taupe and and blacks and greys and sandy blues of the crowd that were at Victors. Really obvious. But then one man called me over, all admiring and asked me *where* I had gotten the shirt! As it was just like the one in the Olympics! That helped, for some odd reason, it helped a lot. So I went to work okay about it all, so that was very good.

I really like it. I'll likely wear it a lot on weekends, though, rather than weekdays from now on. But it's fun wear.

Had lots of good progress today at work. Last night, I just kinda decided I didn't feel like riding the bike like I probably ought to have, but I was tired and hungry and out of sorts. So didn't, but did take Mike through spagetti sauce making. That was good.

John came home from the game kinda upset with himself, and not quite sure how to express it, so we talked a lot, and finally got things worked through. That was good.

Slept very well. But had to get up a bit early in order to do a meeting tonight with some folks from church. It's going to be interesting. Somewhat in the sense of the Chinese curse interesting. There are definitely times when collections of people really don't act at all like people by themselves, and it's both troubling and intriguing all at once. We'll see what comes of it.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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