March 16, 1998

I've Got a Date

Talked with Dr. Thayer today and he's *really* really good. Put my heart to rest by explaning everything in complete detail, and did a really good job of informing me about all the possibilities without ever, not once, implying or even hinting at a decision. He made it entirely mine to make. So I am impressed and informed and going into surgury, likely, the 2nd of April.

The whole expedition was a good one, on a sunny day, and the greatest things included the fact that he went over the MRI's and all the other results with me, explained everything in detail and answered every question John and I had with as much straightforwardness as he could. He even explained most of the details about the surgery, what it was that would happen, what factors he thought should be weighed in any decision.

Turns out that with all the slippage that I've been feeling in my knee from just walking around, that he felt that there was a clinical looseness to the joint that really had to be taken care of, so there was much less doubt in his mind that I likely needed the reconstruction. Plus the fact that my MCL had been injured in the same incident. He also voiced mild surprise that I'd done what I did on momentum alone, that there was no impact from the side. What was really keen was that he had my lie down and right then and there demonstrated the basic structural problem with my knee by pulling up and down on my lower leg while I was relaxed. John could *see* how far out of normal alignment my lower leg was going, and I could feel exactly the kind of slippage I was feeling when I was walking. So I could correlate my feelings with the damage.

Needless to say, after having thought about it for so long, I told him that I really wanted to do the reconstruction.

The office assistant was marvelous as well, she got everything organized, got me straight on all the questions that I had to ask, and scheduled things neatly and quickly and got me a lot of materials for reading at home about the surgery facilities at Overlake Hospital and about anesthesia. That was really interesting.

So I'm all set. At least it's not April 1st!

On the say back we thought we'd kinda drop in on the Town and Country Tea outlet in Bellevue. The place we'd tried before but no one was there. There was someone there this time, a Jason Chen who ran the business. They were mostly wholesale outlet to a lot of the local tea shops and he was surprised that we'd found the place at all.

He was so pleased and surprised that he let us try three of his favorite teas, the Silver Monkey, an oolong he normally drank for breakfast, and the Ah Li Shan. We got a load of tea equipment, as I hadn't had a pouring pitcher or a covered porceline cup, at 20% off, as he couldn't give us the whole sale discounts. We also got four ounces of his every day oolong and another once of the high quality version of the same stuff. Yum.

But better than all the things we got to sit and talk with him a while and I could learn what I could learn from him about tea, and about what he did with brewing it and learned lots of new things. That was so fun. I think it also made his day, somehow, too, that there was another person that loved tea the way that he did, eventhough I was just starting to learn. He's been at it for nearly twenty years. That was really cool to find.

All in all a really good day.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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