March 17, 1998

Wearing the Green

Wore a lot of green today. Head to my toes, green socks, a green sweater over a green turtleneck, and instead of the green jeans I'd been thinking of, just a mottled, black, blue and green pair of baggy pants. With the green hair, I got a lot of comments from a lot of people about whether or not I'd done it for St. Patrick. *laughter* We dropped by Victor's for coffee in the morning and got a lot of comments there, and got green whipped cream on our Irish Nudge espresso drinks. That was pretty amusing.

Busy day. Started with a voice mail message from the doctor that said that they couldn't actually do the surgery on the 2nd, so I called back and rescheduled for the 8th. That was doable.

Then Bryant wrote reminding me that he was coming the weekend of the 4th, now with Angie and Marith, so it was a good thing that the surgery was moved. Things will work out just fine, now.

Lots of small things all day. We also went to the local market store for lunch and John got a tray of brilliantly green potatos au gratin, which were just astonishing. He actually ate them. I was... impressed, I guess. I don't think I could have eaten them. He even said that they were pretty good. Eee...

Much small putting together of things, and dynamically linked libraries are interesting things... I have a lot of reading to do, too, to get some more background on how sub-classes might stand in for each other. This is going to get interesting.

I also used the gai-wan a lot from yesterday, that covered porcelain bowl that is really good for brewing tea in. I think I'll finish off the golden oolong fairly quickly, now. It's enjoyable to use.

We were invited to the Bown's house for dinner, but after all the social interactions of the last several days, and the lack of sleep, I just couldn't take any more. It had also been about a week since I'd gotten in a good session on the stationary bike, and I had to, or I felt like I was going to kill someone after all the tensions of the day. So I went with John to their house to say hello. To stay long enough for the kids to get back and to hug 'em, and then Jenny packed a dinner for me to take away.

So I got home, did my exercises, sweated a lot. Fezzik came over and licked all the sweat off my face while I was lying, panting, after the 20 minute session, and that was funny. I showered, and then heated my nicely simple dinner of soup, bread, and a kiwi. Yum. That was very, very good, especially with a mug of hot, strong, black, sweet tea. I was so tired, I knew that the stuff wasn't going to keep me awake, but it did give me enough energy to finally face a keyboard/computer for the first time in days and write some entries.

That felt very, very good.

It's nice to be alone for a bit with just my thoughts.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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