March 18, 1998

Working Late

Worked real late today, 'til about 8pm, actually, mostly just fiddling with stuff and suddenly finding that the time had all flowed away into all the things that I'm working on. Had problems with a vtbl that got munged up somehow, and so I wasn't even getting calls linked through the DLL to my test application. Pounded on the problem until I felt like I was pounding on my own head, and then I looked at the time and it was dark outside and John was kinda hovering at the door of my office going, "Uhm... dinner?"

So I was kinda grumpy, but we went to the QFC that used to be the Olsens and picked up chicken thighs and legs and potatos and we had carrots from St. Paddy's day because Jenny had wanted us to make glazed carrots for dinner. Originally Jenny had planned a big get together with corned beef and all kinds of things from all kinds of people, but Lily, her daughter, fell off a six foot tall jungle jim, whacked her head on one of the bars, and had to go to the emergency room and woken up every four hours to make sure that she didn't have a bad concussion. So no big get together, and so we had several pound of carrots. Lily was fine when we got to see her yesterday, one of the main reasons I stayed until the kids got back from their sitter's.

So we had carrots.

I also bought a few onions, and, for some reason the QFC had a huge number of 'left-over' corned beef briskets just sitting in their processed meat section. So I got a three pound chunk of corned beef, neatly wrapped in plastic, as well. I could tell I was hungry as we went through the grocery store because I was picking up all kinds of random stuff. But I also knew that we had the last half of a slowly wilting head of cabbage in the fridge, which would be very good to use.

We then got home around 9pm. I was so tired and hungry that I didn't really care that dinner wasn't going to be done until 10pm, so that I just started in, cut up potatos and carrots and half an onion, then started browning the onions and the chicken parts in my great cast iron French pot. When they were well browned and caramelized, I added the rest of the vegetables, and a bottle of Trader Joe's Marsala simmer sauce and half a bottle of water. Then put the lid on it. John started the rice then, and then did the miraculous thing of finding an international soccer game playing on ESPN 2.

It was an amazing game. They played at the international level, and so were hard, fast, violent, and it took us a while to figure out which teams were playing and where. The players were in *long* sleeve jerseys with, of all the surprising things, gloves, and as we watched the play, we thought we say snow piled up all around the pitch. It took a while, but we then figured out that one of the teams was Kiev. The other was Juventus United, which I half-remembered as being either Italian or Spanish. I did remember that they were one of the premier teams in Europe, and finally figured out, yes, they were part of the Italian soccer coalition.

And, yes, they were playing in Kiev, with an announcer that did all her announcing in Ukranian. It was amazing to watch. I wish we got more of those kinds of games, but ESPN has promised 25 matches from the World Cup in France this year, so I guess I'll have to be content with that, and learn as I go.

Dinner, at about half time, was filling the air with the sweet tomato-butter scent of the Marsala, and when we dished up dinner, it was fragrant, hot, and the chicken was sliding off the bones, and the vegetables were tender but firm. It was so good we were eating it while it was still hot enough to burn our mouths. It was worth it.

Sleep happened soon after...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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