March 26, 1998

Surgery Bound

Work was fun. Mostly documenting things that we'd agreed on, getting started on other things. Working through some details.

Took a break for lunch where we went to Dr. Thayer's office for the pre-operation briefing. We were there just a bit earlier than Dr. Thayer, and then we went through a nice, intense half-hour briefing of what was going to happen, what he wanted to happen, what I was supposed to do after the surgery, and what I needed to do before the surgery. There was stuff to bring, stuff to play with, and stuff to explain. Lots of stuff.

I found out that the tendon that they take is actually the middle third of the tendon that anchors the patella, i.e. the knee cap to the lower leg, it's about 10cm wide, with bone on either end, so they can take a bit of bone with the tendon for the anchors. That's keen. So that the bone bits will go into the bones of my leg in order to form the anchors.

The most useful information was the information aboutwhat happens on the day of the surgery and the two weeks after, as the two weeks after were what were scaring me a little. Raven says that I'll be up in two days, and he won't be too far wrong, as on the second day back, I'll be in physical therapy. Yow. But the doctor said that I should plan on at least the three days off, and then likely plan on half days for a little bit until I know that my knee can take being at work for eight to ten hours. It'll be swollen, hurt and won't take being down for a lot. Lots of things to think about. The anesthesia is pretty interesting, too, as are the options, but I'm likely to just have 'em put me out and add a local nerve block so that things don't hurt too badly after the work, too.

It's odd to see exactly how a knee works. They had a plastic an rubber model in the room, that you could play with, bend and fiddle with. No wonder knees go out so much, there really isn't all that much holding them together.

Anyway, we got through all the question, got good answers and then spent a while with a stack of paperwork to get everything ready for the surgery itself. That mostly consisted of what was essentially a checklist of all the things that I wanted to bring with me. That worked out.

By the time we got back to work, some of my brain was fried with the simple realization that it was all real, that I was going to be cut, and that it was all going to be done. Period. Yeep.

During the really late afternoon Zonker offered to come over with a video tape of Bound and dinner. I accepted, and rushed home by six so that I could get a ride on the bike in with a shower before she got to our house. I was just finishing with my shower when she arrived with short ribs and Marvelous Ben and Jerry's Phish Phood and the World's Best Vanilla. One nearly hesitates to call them ice cream, but they served well alongside and with hot apple pie. Yum.

Bound is an utterly beautifully written, tightly plotted modern film noir with a lesbian relationship that is an integral part of the plot and is hotter than the majority of relationships I've *ever* seen on the screen. It was marvelous and I'd recommend it highly to anyone.

When Zonker had offered the movie, I'd actually countered with the fact that John and I had been planning on playing Neverhood. She had laughed, weighed gorgeous, hot women in love to Klayman, an intense plot to intrigingly intricate and strange puzzles and admitted that she could see the dilemna. I love geekgrrrls. So, after the movie, we played Neverhood for a while. Hoorah!

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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