March 27, 1998

Fire Fighting

Friday was kinda strange, in part because my project at work was derailed due to a fire in an unrelated release, which required my help in finishing an executable that I had been told would not release. Or at least not release for another six months. Part of the problem was that Friday was code freeze, so the solution had to be found for the problem. But the user could create the file by hand, and inserted into the flow through other means.

The problem was that that solution was unacceptable to the project lead. So, the release as a whole has been pushed back two weeks, and my first priority is now the editing executable. Not a terrible thing, because I have been wanting to work more with MFC and get something practical done.

The design phase is aways so much more nebulous, and it will be good to get into the practical and quickly tested work of finishing a quick executable. Instead of cracking out a number of documents, I can now actually work with code and get something done that is necessary for the next release.

The evening was taken up mostly with dinner and playing more Neverhood. A relaxing and fun evening in preparation for the day ahead. Saturday night was going to be our rotating dinner with three other couples, and dinner was going to be at our house

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