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March 28, 1999
a year ago

On the Road

I woke up latish, mostly to the sound of the front doorbell ringing. John was already up, the rumpled, empty bed was clear evidence. Then I heard voices and had to smile to myself. It was the Japanese neighbors of George and Isabel, Yoshi and Mishi, who had always wanted to meet Fezzik as John's parents speak so highly of him. And they were getting to meet him, the laughter and giggles were evidence of that, and it sounded like they really liked him. I slowly got myself together, did the batheroom things, and by the time I got out they were gone and John was saying that there was a break in the weather, a sunny window and that we should be going as soon as possible.

So we bundled Fezzik up, got all the things, made the beds, and cleaned up what little messes we'd made, and then piled into the van and went. We stopped at a little latte shop that we knew of in Eastgate, and had mochas and then we were off, east down I-90. It was all familiar territory and John said that it fel like any trip, still, as he'd often gone east through the passes, even past Cle Elum and out east to Eastern Washington on trips before. That was exactly what we were doing, too.

We drove mostly east at first, through country covered with snow, the picture is from the very same lake we took Fezzik to this last summer, which was filled with stumps back then, but now is entirely filled with snow. It was beautiful, and the sky was that vari-shaded grey. The digital camera does a marvelous job of catching all the variations, but I've used MS's picture editor to cut the size down a bit and so that even the big picture will show up on smaller screens.

The roads, themselves, were wet and clear. No snow on them at all. We basically then took 84 and cut the northeast corner of Oregon, going over the Columbia and ending up in Bliss, Idaho, which is where we stopped for the night at a little Inn called the Amber Inn. We actually stopped for dinner somewhere earlier, but called from the diner to the hotel to make sure we had a place to stay with Fezzik.

They were entirely obliging and we ended up pulling in fairly late, really exhausted, and nearly half the way to Boulder. So we slept fairly quickly after getting in. I had to brain dump into a handwritten journal before sleeping, but after that it was quick enough. Things were in motion, in transission and it was flowing pretty well.

Fezzik decided to sleep in the entry way, between John and I and the rest of the world, eventhough we'd put his bed in a more comfortable and less in-the-way area of the room. It seemed that he felt that it was his duty or something, and it was actually somewhat reassuring. I slept fairly restlessly, eventhough, but it was nice to wake up and hear his breathing and know he was there to be the first between anything that might come in and us. The sleep I had was, again, dreamless. I think it's 'cause I don't ever really get deeply enough asleep with all the sounds and things going on.

Oh, yeah, while I was writing, we watched some of the wather channel and it turns out that a big storm is coming into Seattle, right after us. I'm glad that we got out when we did, or else we wouldn't have gotten out at all.

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