Liralen's Adventure Through Life
March 1999
  1: It's This Month
  2: Grrr... Argh!
  3: Reality Check
  4: Not Quite Yet
  5: Christmas in March
  6: That Bright Thing In The Sky
  7: Spring Cleaning With A Vengeance
  8: Ooch
  9: Increments
10: What to eat?
11: Floating
12: Clean House
14: Busy, Mixed-up Weekend
15: Bridge Replacement
16: Bolts, Boxes, and Pimpernil
17: Wearin' Too Much Green
18: Usability, Zuka, and Journals
21: Four Party Weekend
22: Hump Day
23: Sick and Tired, but Feeling Better
25: Living Out of Boxes
26: Good Things
27: Hard Beds
28: Through the Passes
29: God's Country
30: The Last Leg
31: Closing

In like a lion, out like a cheetah. It was a pretty hard month that ended with us in another world. There was a lot that went on this month, all the finalizations needed for us to actually move and then the whole process of actually getting out of the house along with the 35,000 pounds of stuff that we were going to be dragging with us.

It actually started simply with the realization. An entire notebook of lists later along with a 12-foot cargo van for Fezzik, and we're actually in this new land. I should probably take my journal off the Pacific Northwest list of journals, now. I wonder if there's one for the Mountain areas.

It ended with the incredibly busy week that saw us out of one house and into the other with a snow storm on our heels.

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