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March 30, 1999
a year ago

The Last Leg

Didn't really go very far today, but it was more fun. Another sunny day, and we decided to take a little side trip on the way down to Boulder. It was a straight shot of about two hours, so there was no problem with getting there before tonight. So we thought we'd take our time.

Okay, one note about how that darned 12 foot van drives. It's like trying to drive a swing. Each time I make a correction one way, it swings a little the other way. You'd think that something with that long a wheel base would be more steady, but it's actually more squirrely than anything I've ever driven. The wind makes it all that much worse, all in all, so it was pretty tiring, yesterday, when I drove the long distance bits on plains and with the wind swinging the truck from side to side. John says that vans are really made off of truck bases, that the body panels are different, but the frame, suspension, engine and transmission and the rest are pretty much truck parts.

We stopped up in Fort Collins and John wandered off the freeway and out kinda west a bit in a random kind of way until we found a little fingerling lake that was the result of a damm. The wind was just whipping along, drying everything out the moment I stepped out of the van, and the heat from the sunny day was such that I was mildly worried about the plants. We took Fezzik down to the lake and let him go swimming about in it, cooling him off and cooling ourselves off pretty well. The water was cool and placid and sun-warmed in the shallows. We were surrounded on all sides but cut red-rock walls, and it was just really pretty out.

It was a nice break.

Eventually, we gathered out stuff, and then went down to Boulder by the back roads and ended up at the relocation company to stop in and see people and talk with folks and see how things were going.

Colleen was really pleased by Fezzik, and Fezzik came in with us to a meeting room where she went over all the papers with us and told us that we could ask any questions while we could. She then went over the insane schedule that was unfolding.

Turns out that the seller, for whatever reason, wanted to do just one move. He wanted to close, that morning, on selling his house and then that afternoon, close on the house he was moving into and have the moving folks get everything out in the morning and have them haul it all to their new house by the afternoon. He had to close on the selling house in order to get into his new house, but Colleen was fairly insistent, as were we, that they be moved *out* before we closed. Colleen has seen a lot of damage done by folks moving out when they've already closed, so really recommended that we figure out something.

Eventually, they decided to withhold their realitor's fee, and if there was any damage, they'd pay us with that for the damage done. So they had some vested interest in not damaging the house to move out. The problem was that we also have the carpet cleaners coming in at noon tomorrow and then at 2 we have cleaners going over the whole house. So they really have to be out before noon. It's going to be interesting to see if that really does happen. Worrisome, some.

The Homewood Suites were really nice and Fezzik got to come in and he explored the whole Suite and then settled in the doorway between the livingroom and the bedroom. I think he likes being in doorways or something. The place really had seemed fairly roomy when John and I stayed there ourselves, but Fezzik really dwarfs the place. He can barely turn around in most of the rooms, and there really aren't good places for him to stretch out with all the furniture in the way. That was kinda funny to see.

I also had to water the plants. The soil was dry, so I took the watering can out to the back of the van and just watered everything, put it all up right, and just hoped the plastic would do its work.

After seeing the jumble of plants after the town driving we did today, I decided that we just weren't going to go out to eat, just eat somewhere in the strip mall next to the hotel, if not just buy something from Safeway and cook something in the little kitchenette in the hotel room. But I was pretty exhausted by the time it was time to eat, so we went to a place called Healthy Habits, which is like Fresh Choice, which is basically a salad bar with all kinds of unhealthy things at the back. We actually put Fezzik in the van while we ate, and he did just fine out there, we just didn't want him barking while we were away and bothering folks.

That evening we watched the news and found that all the passes we'd gone through just a day ago were filling up with snow and that a monster system was staring to chase us down. There was probably doing to be a sunny day tomorrow, but then things would start rolling in. Just enough time, perhaps, for the carpets to dry.

Well, we'll hope.

It's funny... one of the other things we did today, I think just after the visit to Pro, was go into work, after visiting the Humane Society just across the street to get Fezzik a name and address tag. We went into work and I got my ID card, we found our cubicles and we wandered about and bothered folks for a while. And, oddly enough, I found that that single visit settled something in me. It was an anchor of sorts. I have work. I have a place. I have people.

I don't know why it made such a profound emotional impact to simply have something established on this end, but it did. Something important to my life now recognizes me. That was good.

Sleep was deep and exhausted.

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