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November 21, 2000
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Quiet Dog and Chocolate Cookies

I think Fezzik really enjoys the turkey. He dug in happily this morning, spraying rice everywhere as he ate cranberry sauce and turkey mixed with rice and microwaved until the chill was off both the rice and the meat. We had a good breakfast as well, the now habitual grapefruit was combined with crisply toasted bagels spread with cream cheese and layered with the smoked salmon that John got over the weekend. While Fezzik seemed pretty happy, he needed help from both of us to get out the door.

Work was work. I had a huge list of things I needed to get done, but didn't get too far. My hands were really bothering me, so I was alternating icing with reading some material I needed to get into my head. For lunch I mostly sat at my desk and ate a turkey sandwich, and my hands got so bad I decided to go down and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. My hands swelled up like balloons immediately after, but after icing them they actually returned to nearly normal size. I was been able to knock off a little more of my list.

We didn't get home until late because John had a late meeting. Fezzik didn't come to meet us. He also wasn't particularly easy to find, because he was hidden in his nest behind the evergreen. He struggled up to a sitting position, and then had obvious problems with his hind legs as he came to sit in front of the front stairs. It took both John and I to get him up the stairs and into the house. I put his dinner together, and put it on top of the chip box, as it was evident that Fezzik was having problems balancing well enough to reach all the way to the floor to eat. He ate the first half of his dinner standing up, but his rear legs failed him and he ended up sitting down in front of the box and finishing his dinner that way. From there he angled his body so that he was facing the kitchen, and lay down. I don't think he moved from there for the entire evening.

I went over to pet him and found that the entire right side of his face had swollen. The lymph node on that side was enormous, and it almost felt like the node was infecting his face or something. He wouldn't let me take a close look at that side of his face, so I didn't push it because I didn't know what I could discover that I could actually do anything about. It seemed a better thing to let his preferences rule. It didn't seem to bother him any, as he ate, drank, and watched us without fussing with that side of his face. I guess it's just one more thing I should learn not to worry about.

John was a sweetie, because I was pretty tired, and made dinner for us. We had the frozen fish slabs with oven baked fries, which were nice and not greasy. He also made a salad with blue cheese dressing that I liked, but I think I really enjoy the spinach salads a great deal more than plain ones now.

On the way into the house, there was a large box. It was the shipment from Bernard C.'s. John and I were both very happy to see that it arrived well before Thanksgiving. There was even enough time to give everyone their chocolates tomorrow, before the holiday. I happily pulled out my two one pound bittersweet bars, and found that the two chocolate cigars were strapped to their very ample support. There were the two boxes of chocolate covered cherries, the special box that contained the list I gave John, and the 1/2 pound box of assorted chocolates for Mei and Bob. So it was all accounted for and present. I bought the two chocolate cigars for John and I to try, as I wanted to see if they were good enough to use in place of actual cigars to hand out when the baby actually gets born. They were very good. Solid milk chocolate with a cocoa powder dusting for a matte finish that nearly looks like tobacco leaf. I don't normally seek out milk chocolate, but this creamy version of Bernard C.'s chocolate really was worth eating. I thought the cigars were too large, but when I started eating one it turned out to be perfect. The milk chocolate isn't quite as rich as the bittersweet, so it's actually possible consume the whole cigar. Both John and I finished ours quickly. We may try to get a box discount when the time comes.

While we watched Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? and Dark Angel I thawed more ground beef for Fezzik's meals for the next few days. I tried to brown it in larger chunks than normal, so he didn't make a habit of spraying small crumbs of beef and rice everywhere. I figured if the crumbs were bigger he'd actually be able to eat them more easily. When the beef was done, Fezzik asked to go outside by struggling up and looking longingly at the door he wanted to go out through, and both John and I helped him get out. He lay down pretty much where he landed on exiting the house, as his rear legs gave out. That doesn't sound to good, I guess, but soon after he landed and we went back inside he started barking at something with some enthusiasm. So it was pretty obvious he wanted to be out there.

It was still fairly early in the evening, and I was restless. So I pulled out Death by Chocolate, because there was a recipe for cookies I really wanted to try. The cookies not only had a good amount of cocoa in them but also another 12 ounces of chocolate, split evenly between semi sweet and unsweetened chocolate along with the usual heady amounts of butter. So I spent the rest of the evening following the recipe, melting chocolate, beating eggs and butter, and sifting various dry ingredients into the batter. The cookies turned out really rich, which wasn't too much of a surprise. The surprise was that there was too much sugar for my tastes, and the cookies were just a little bit too sweet for me to eat more than one. I decided to take them into work, and let them cool on a rack overnight.

Fezzik was pretty quiet all-night.

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