Liralen's Adventure Through Life
November 2000
  1: Wiggling Fish
  2: Chicken Pot Pie
  3: Meetings and Scariness
  4: Costco and Real Chinese Food
  5: Snowy Sunday
  6: Working At Home
  7: Expressed Opinions
  8: Brilliant Day
  9: Last Chemo
10: Getting Fezzik Back
11: Snow Adventure
12: Walking In A Winter Park
13: Productive Day
14: Pizza is Good!
15: A Split Day
16: Strange Sorrows
17: Early to Rise
18: Range Rover Day
19: A 20 Pound Turkey Day
20: Water For The Fish
21: Quiet Dog and Chocolate Cookies
22: Quiet Workplace
23: Turkey Day
24: A Better Day
25: Baby Shopping Is Hard To Do
26: Clean Dog And Chinese Food
27: Dumplings And Fruit(REAL fruit!)cake
28: More Dumplings And A Bubble Bath
29: Rosty Day
30: Unhappiness and Distractions

A long month, which started with Fezzik deteriorating, and us finding out that it would likely be his last chemotherapy. John and I mostly structured our month from that point on to spend as much time as possible wtih Fezzik, evenings and weekends. Though we didn't feel guilty for doing some errands and living our lives during that time, we took the extra care to spend as much time as was possible. It included skipping Orecon and we were very glad of the decision as time and Fezzik's condition advanced.

We also entered the third trimester with the Fish, and I got more tired, the Fish got a lot more active. It was very startling having the baby push hard enough that I could see movement under my skin. I'm eating more, seeing the doctor more, and basically we're progressing very nicely. John's fully involved and it's really fun sharing it all with him.

The juxtiposition of the two realities really does make for some splitting headaches, but so it is.

We got to spend time with friends, mostly with Fezzik in on most of the social occassions. We ate a lot at home and I am cooking a great deal more. Work got really busy for a while and is likely to only get more pressured as time goes on and my boss eyes my schedule that, with the maternity leave, stretches sometime into June. Such is life.

Fezzik's problems put it all into perspective, though. Everything from any minor discomfort or ungainliness I might have from the pregnancy, to the importance of time at home. It's made it very easy to know what's important. Likely a good lesson for when the baby comes around. I think that if Fezzik does die soon, the only regret I'll have is that he won't have seen the baby. And even that is tempered with the fact that Fezzik would have had no chance of having this kind of attention once the baby really is here. So Fezzik will never have had to be second best in his family.

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