November 6, 1997

Crimney... there was a whole fucking war in my dreams last night. I didn't remember nearly enough to capture it mostly because the first thought when I woke up was, "Shit, I have to do training this morning." and wondering how the heck I was going to learn how to use the projector, or if it would really take much time.

Got into work around 8am, set everything up and then Mike showed up about 10 'til 9 and he was looking okay. Set up DragonDictate on the machine and I'm far more impatient with the seperate speech than I am with the continuous speech, which is more natural. But DD can do variable names that don't come up more than once, whereas NS has problems with that, unless I want to teach it every variable name. Ugh.

Carl's delivered a whole slew of mechanics for the new system for 'Shadowring', which has a whole magical system whipped up from number crunching flour and the old magical system's good eggs. It's very thorough. I should just tell Barry that the weekend he put me down for was exactly wrong. It's right on top of the Albuquerque weekend *and* it's the one week that Carl'll be off to IETF, which means that I won't see him at all as the overlap is pretty much exact. Completely exact, in fact, day for day.


Can't get what I want if I don't ask for it... but I *had* asked for the first weekend in December *off* from all that, but that's exactly the weekend that Barry put it on. Yeesh. Oh well.

Said goodbye to Kiron last night... there's a lot of shit Data I/O and the CEO of the company have put Synario through, and he's definitely one of those that just couldn't take it anymore. Synario in the future will be an entity free of Data I/O, but... that's not enough anymore for some. There's just been too much badness under the bridge. We'll see what gets carried forward.

I was sorry to hear that the manager of our tech doc's and support group is leaving, but it makes a lot of sense. If the group has to be trimmed to go on, he's likely one of the first things to be trimmed. I really like Greg and his horses and family, and we'll likely keep in touch and see them once in a while, and he's going to a place that needs him and will likely be good to him. It's a place called Insight, that does wireless data and voice communication network management software. Say that three times fast. They're growing tremendously, though. And with networks becoming better and bigger money, it'll likely just get to be more useful.

That might be an interesting wave to ride.

Anyway... on with the training materials.

It's a good feeling when a plan comes together...

And the training materials, on the most part, are falling right into place, which is nice, very nice indeed. So I'm feeling better about it all, with only six more hours to do, maybe four... and I have plenty of material, just have to organize it a little and stick it into slides.

Problem is that I talked with Barry and while I've cleared out that weekend, it means that I'll likely only be down in San Jose for two days and two evenings, which will likely mean that I don't really get any time to visit at all; but it'll also likely mean that I won't really cover much of anything in deep detail, so I might get called back.

Or not.

Or some other company will buy the source code as well, and then I'll get to do this all again, as a contractor. Heh. I really should teach Dragon Dictate that word, heh... Also found out that NaturallySpeaking actually responds to all the old commands as well, so I *am* able to dictate odd variable names if they're made up from real words and the old alpha-bravo alphabet style is already trained in, so it's easy to spell things using that if I knew how, and now I know how, so it's made the whole thing a whole lot easier. But with more and more slides my language model with Naturally Speaking is getting mundged into short, hard phrases rather than full sentences. But I guess I can play tug o' war with the models and see what comes out on top.

But it's a good thing to have bought the old software simply to become aware of a bunch of commands that weren't at all obvious on the new stuff; and to have that really old-fashioned, I-can-heft-that manual feeling.

Amusingly enough the most useful command is no-space, when I want to combine words in wierd and wonderful ways. Hoorah!

Well, my arms hurt now, and my wrists and hands as well, but that's okay, the bulk of it was still through speaking, and I'm nearly all done but for one subject area that I think I know well enough, now to teach. We'll see. Tired, hungry, embattled, but it's good, very good, to have done well and on-time and likely better than the others that have showed up, so far. As I'll admit that I really enjoy what it is that I'm teaching, and I think that it'll be a good thing, all in all, both for the students and for me, as I've learned more about the internals than I knew before and in a kind of detail and grasp of the whole that I really didn't have before.

So, tomorrow's the test for the first section and I'll see how it goes. I think that the hard part has been and will always be the preparation. Even did a bunch of my own copies this time through.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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