November 7, 1997

Last night's dream was a two parter. First was of gaming with Gretchen, Brad, Bryant, Carl, and one person that might have been Chrisber or Trip or Rob... but we were doing Shadowring, and Gretchen was playing a character named Dante. One was playing a little girl for whom *everything* was magic, and the rest of us were elves that were also adepts at something magical. Physical, conjuring, sorcery. Kinda a dream about Carl's all-mage run or something. Kinda odd about the Dante, though Bryant had named my character in Aeon Hemingway, which I liked a lot with the gun skills.

The second part was in the glowing trenches of a lasar fight war. With X-file's like plays of shadow and light and fuzzy images, and odd quiet stretches with sudden explosions. It was mixed up, confused, and oddly enough, my main emotion in the conflict wasn't fear, it was rage. And, as in other dreams, my magic worked and worked well and thoroughly. I was in my trenchcoat, Doc Martins, and needed them both.

John woke up sometime around 4am, and got up out of bed because he couldn't sleep and then ran down stairs and did stuff until Fezzik thought it was the weekend and wanted out when I came down to do my breakfast and tea. That was pretty funny, all in all.

Taught training all day, and my hands are feeling better because of that, but still not all good. Hopefully the weekend will be better. Talked with AMC about a job there with John in a group together, said that we wouldn't do inteviews until we knew that we were out of the Deal. I will talk with Susie Shudie and, it turns out, with Fr. Kohlmeier and Steve Kaufer sometime in the near future as well. All of them seem to be spots where John and I can work together. Thing is that I'm even thinking of just going part-time for a while to see if I can actually kick start writing for fun for a bit and see what comes out of that.

Finished the last of the materials last night, and found, today, that I went through them at about twice the speed that I'd thought they would. Yeesh. Luckily, we also went through about twice as many digressions as I thought we would too, and ended up about on time with everything, though it kinda ended with them going through all the materials that I had and asking random questions on everything and anything they didn't quite understand. I even drew a bunch of pretty pictures.

Even had a small divisional meeting that simply stated the State of The Day, which was as expected. We'll see...

Also gave the Lattice folks a lot of good restaurants to visit and some places to see around town and that was fun. It seems that a lot of the other days ended earlish as well. Oh well.

Hopefully I'll be able to go into as much complexity as they like with the project navigator as there's a lot more to it than the pretty straightforward mechanisms behind the licensing.

Tired. Bob's organizing a party at his house with all the Lattice folks and we'll likely be bringing food there, too, so that should be fun, to cook the way I really can cook and bring it all with me to feed other people. Though my cooking's pretty simplistic compared to what Mom and Dad used to do. I can think of doing a red cooked pork with the steamed buns and that should be fun along with a roasted duck and maybe a vegitable dish of some sort.

Oops, it's just for the afternoon and tea. So maybe not. Best Cake is good for small things for an afternoon. Yum. There are a lot of good things. 2pm at Bob's.

Time to wander.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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