November 11, 1997

First, the dreams.

It was an odd dream... the first one, it was mostly about feeling about people as if they were objects in an object oriented design. Where they all did processing and had input and output in normal body language and spoken language and actions, which was the communication between processes. So it was like programming OOP-style but with subconscious processing. They'd communicate through interactions through the day, occassionally visit the boss, which would collect results, and I'd go to the boss, sit and talk about the weather with him for about half an hour and I'd have the full subconscious calculation all done, and the results to record as I liked.

I was the programmer of the system, and I'd run it now and again to get the bugs out, but the whole corporate structure was to support this odd style of hierarchical programming, so while people were drinking coffee, surfing the web, wandering about, they were also doing useful work.

Second dream was filled with intelligent, speaking animals, a number of which were on the lamb, and I was helping a few of them out as they ran. The scene that I remember, though was near the end of my dream where it starts with seeing a little baby otter starting down a water slide at the far end of a water park... and hearing the tyke going "wheeeeee!" and splashing down the other side... and then the somewhat ragged and torn monkey coming through hurridly and sliding through and then this short shout of laughter as he splashed down. The low murmur of the child's voice, then the other voice and the kid comes humping back over the hill, laughing.

Another running away panda, this time, appears about here, the monkey takes a look, and then does something odd, opens the door to the drainage stream, so that it starts to lower. It would make a clear path for the trackers to see, and there's some feeling that the Panda is more important than the monkey. They both kowtow to each other, knowing that the monkey is sacrificing itself for the panda. And then the monkey turns to run off.

I nearly wake then... but the dream me then grabs both of them by the scruff of the neck and hauls them into a car (yes, my car in the dream was a Z3) and we *go*.

Self-sacrifice is all very well, but... good cars are better. More after I do my training all day.

Tired. It worked out okay. Kinda scrambling for more material because I set aside a lot of time for questions and answers that weren't really asked or answered for a while. But Tom and Satish were good about filling in the last bits with extra instruction on the more esoteric bits of our configuration system. So that was good.

The material doesn't stretch quite the way I'd want it to, but that's okay. They seem to be getting what they want from it, so that should work out, and I am covering nearly all of the things that I see as important. So that should work out.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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