November 12, 1997

The morning is absolutely gorgeous. We woke around 7 a.m., just as the sun was coming up through the fog of the early morning. Tendrils of fog burned bright in the clear light, as we roared out through the development in the Stoat. The lake looked like it was on fire, what with all the fog and steam coming off the water only to be lit with brilliant sunlight as it came off. The fog moving like flames reaching for the sky.

John was a sweety and made coffee this morning, so we had travel mugs of the stuff, and I managed to remember enough to toast a half a bagel. I do so much better when I have a little food in me in the morning. I forgot the vitamin, though, and tonight's a soccer game, so I should remember to drink a lot of liquids. Small things to worry about, so that I don't even think about the big things. Today is The Day, and since they signed everything last night, they'll likely announce things today. So no more secrecy problems, I think.

My dream last night, in the middle of the night dream, that is, had to do with me being an Angel of Creation, an Ofanim, one of the workaholic angels of speed, with a name that started with S, and it might have been Succor or Save or Survive, though it wasn't any of those. I forget exactly which, but I was running around fixing things, finding what was needed for a particular situation and making it work. Saving kittens, fixing and negotiating schedules, putting a carburetor into a car... odd job things, also training people on the usage of construction and farming equipment and getting them started on their way. Flying around and getting them done, and feeling good about that.

So, maybe it's a reflection on my need to do things again. I don't know.

Uhm... the rest of the day was very odd. More tomorrow.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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