November 14, 1997

Another brilliant day. The weather's stayed clear and cold and crisp. As Steve said, yesterday, thanks El Nino for bringing us this utterly unexpected treat in the middle of November. It's brilliant out.

We all went, last night, to the Redmond Brewing Company to toast Greg Holde, who'd left last week, before any of the events of the last two days. There were at least thirty folks there, and we were all drinking pretty hard, talking a lot, getting it all out of our system. Yesterday was an accumilation of the last six months plus some... nearly since the days I first signed up, three years ago. We're on our own, able and free to do what we can do.

So we ate and drank, played lots of games using the crayons and paper they provided and basically decompressed. Dave K. arrived later in the evening and had a blast talking with us. In many ways, he was the father of Synario, the one that organized the beginnings and made things possible for the first release to even get out the door. He left a few months ago simply because Bill E. made it impossible for him to stay any longer. After having to deal with the funks that Bill E. put even John into, it was good to see Dave free of Bill E.'s influence. Just as it's good to see Bill H. free of that same poisen.

At about 10:30pm, the half a dozen that were left started talking about going to the Holiday Room. It's an odd restaurant cum bar that exists in downtown Redmond. Rumor has it that upstairs is one of the highest stake poker rooms in the state, and downstairs is mostly a cheap diner, and a bar filled with smoke. I wasn't in any state to face smoke, so I asked John if it was okay for me to just go home and he said, yeah, he'd find a ride home later. So I went and got him some cash, so I knew that he'd at least have taxi money home, and then drove home in the clear, cold, brilliant night.

The moon was full, last night, so bright it had a halo of light about it. I could see the street, easily, even in the dim glow of the Stoat's headlights, one of which is half burnt out. The lake was like glass on the left, the shadows of trees spread like black lace across the moon-silver sky. The wind was knife cold. It found the crack between my rabbit fur Mongolian Horde hat and the upturned collar of my Army Ranger issue trenchcoat, and teased the short hairs along the back of my neck. The Stoat is no Z3, but having the completely open top meant that I could see the whole night sky and all the areas around me. Visibility is a good thing. Especially on a night like this.

And I was reminded that, even when there are moment when we don't think time can go on, that it's stopped, frozen us in a moment of agony or joy, that it still does. Time still moves on.

When I got home I was chilled, exhilirated again. Still running half on adrenaline. The fear of the day before was still with me, but as a ghost a day's distance, nearly two now, away.

Fezzik bounded about as I opened his pen for him, and I took him for a walk. He trotted merrily in front of me, and we wandered the dirt roads about the neighborhood, just enjoying the night... eventually coming back in through the quiet development neightborhood. When home, I drew a bath, with rose bubbles and settled into it with a sigh and a Tanith Lee set of short stories. Tiger, Tiger, burning bright...

A very nice end to the day. I slept well until about 3am when a very cold and cigerette smelling body came into the bed and I mumbled something to John about, "Damned smoke..." which got him to laugh...

I dreamed again. I had thought that the dreams might be done after the settling of things, but I was wrong. I'm glad. I've had dreams before, but never so often have I remembered them. Not all are of the clarity of the dream about the gather of powers and the boy... or the woman with two girls. Last night's was one of the vague ones... where I'd been recruited to be a dragon, with Dave K. actually, and I was. All wings and power and grace and jewelled hide and enormous appetite and odd wisdom that didn't come at the expected angle. The two of us were hired on as dragons, and I destinctly remember a bulldozer digging about in the dirt to set the space for foundations for our offices and how *big* the areas were. Each labelled with our names. Dragons in office buildings.

That was pretty amusing.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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