November 15, 1997

So. Uhm... it's about 6:15pm at work, now, and I'm having fun. *laughter* Actually! Had fun chasing down a bug that happened to be in the base class library we bought, and it's interesting to figure out what to do next. Getting back into figuring things out.

I dreamed, last night, about teaching DragonDictate vi. Sadly, my brain often takes dream time to practice things that I learned during the day, and it was all coding stuff, MFC class bugaboos (did you know it takes about five edits and four other things to just rename a dialog class in VC++ 5.0? It's kinda sad and grumpy making), and the alpha bravo charlie alphabet set. alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india juliette kilo lima mike november oscar papa quebec romeo (there had to be one with juliette in there, no?) sierra tango uniform victor whiskey x-ray yankee zulu! So I can do most of that now. It's realy funny doing mail in vi and getting some of the words wrong.

Whee! Figured out a clean work-around...

Well, it's not pretty, but it may work to at least live with the original problem. What idiots would pass a negative number through a boolean variable??? Just 'cause old Windows let you do it doesn't mean you should.


Life moves on. And it's kinda crowded at the moment. Regretfully, I had to turn down an invitation from Carl and various members of the Horde to go down next weekend, as it's kinda crunch time at work, and I have a feeling that no weekends are going to be sacred for a while. Or at least until release.

Hah! The library rebuilt! Off to work again.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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