November 20, 1997

Had a really fun desert dream last night. I think that I actually do dream, even after The Day, it's just that I don't wake up enough in the middle of the night to get them down, think them through while half awake, without other distractions. I know that I dreamed something interesting Tuesday night, but thought I'd remember it, so just went back to sleep instead of writing it down and by morning it was gone.

Last night's was desert bunkers, with members of the Horde and folks from work all working on building the town bigger, making it safer, and fighting a war on the front there. Metal ladders built into the sides of the bunker wall, war-side, were defensible and part of a wall holding back the sand of the desert. There were prickly and brushy desert growth everywhere, and I remember planting more as I went along.

There was also a mall built further back, as part of the town we were defending, and I had fun shopping for used books, CD's, and various other things in the cool, low-ceilinged depths of the shop. Things in the town were built through regular physical work and coding. Coding built things in the town when applied correctly, and I remember doing a double inspection of a piece of code that was going to add a room to an apartment. We let it loose after the inspection and it built a very nice little bedroom with adobe cream walls, small windows against the sun, and trimmed in brown patterning.

Coding worked for defenses, too; and most of my time was spent coding, creating, constructing battle engines to deal with the Menace across the sand, which the metal walls were to help keep out and all people trained to go out onto the desert to meet, now and again, to keep it back.

A pleasant, another life dream. Sometimes I wonder if all the dreams that felt like they were lifetimes actually were... of a sort. So that all human beings that dream also live other, multiple lives.

Worked a lot yesterday, working a lot today. More coding, as you can probably tell. Was invited to a very huge SF party for last night, but was so tired, I just decided not to push it, especially since they were predicting winds of 50mph last night. I just didn't want to risk it and would prefer to have Fezzik in the house when such a blow went through, so we went home, and I realized that with gas, I could cook even if the power went out. So I made baked salmon with lemon, butter and dill, and a portabella mushroom (onion, garlic, and lots of chicken and vegetable broth) risotto from scratch. I'd always used Trader Joe's risotto with it's flavor packet before, but this turned out quite good. Especially with a good grating of parmesan a reggiano.

The last of the Costco pumpkin pie and then John figured out a few more things to try with Neverhood to get it to work. It worked for three hilarious scenes and then died again. Oh well, the new company has a policy of helping it's people buy good machines for home, so we'll see what comes of that when we get there.

Mochas this morning, and more bugs! Whooiee. I could get used to this coding thing for a living. *grin*

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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