November 22, 1997

Amusingly enough, I'm at work again today. Things really are getting a bit more crucible like as I'm trying to absorb everything that I can from one of the guys that isn't going to be going on with us, and it's been a very interesting week in that I'm learning a lot at a very fast pace. Which has, actually been more happy-making for me than all the quieter times before, which may be something of a statement about how I'm built.

Or not.

I know that there's something... uhm... different about me when I find myself *liking* the job of figuring out exception handling for programs using a shared DLL.

Had lunch with Jon Singer yesterday at Saigon City, which is a very nice little place that serves great food in a re-modeled house in the Bel-Red district, which is between Bellevue and Redmond. It was delicious, fast, and the folks there were really friendly, and it was a very good thing that we decided to have lunch at 11:30 as, by 12:30 the place was packed and people were waiting out on the porch outside.

Jon was as fun as always, with good food recommendations, and we got him the extra flyer to Bernard C.'s, which he will likely visit. As we were finishing, quite a few people from his department showed up, one of which was driving a hard-top 1997 Defender 90 and his wife had a Discovery. Jon told us all this as we were waiting to pay, and finally just dragged John over to talk with the guy. The Landie owner was very knowledgeable, and knew what it was that John had, and was both impressed that he had it *and* that the Rangie was a diesel truck. He was even more flabbergasted by the story of the Stoat. Suffice it to say that he asked for John's business card and we'll likely get to see more of him.

It's so good to go out anywhere with Singer, as he makes great connections.

We had John's parents over for dinner last night, which was very good. I just did the risotto and salmon, with nuked veggies and Isabel brought a lovely broccoli and bacon salad that was really good. They were, as always, great to talk with, to catch up with, and then, after dinner, John said that we should do gung-fu tea, so we did! And they really enjoyed it. We did the silver needles, the monkey-picked tky oolong, and then the jasmine pearls, just to do complete contrasts. We added Trader Joe's snickerdoodle biscotti and capped everything off with a Bernard C. cherry. Yum.

John also built a fire in the fireplace, the first of the year, and it was very comforting and neat to just watch the fire and bask in the warmth. I'm realizing that I'm rarely warm anymore.

Fezzik was very content, with a bone end from PetSmart, as he's been chewing it for the last several days rather than licking himself and being bored. It seems that when he has a good chew toy he's just that much happier, less bored and inclined to licking or chewing himself. So we should probably stock some interesting variety in toys for him.

Especially while we're working so much. This morning, John let him out and we saw him at a new-home construction site getting petted by the guy that looked to be in charge of the site. *grin* Now that's a smart dog, to be able to get the leader of the pack to accept him so that he can stay on-site.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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