November 24, 1997

Saturday night we had Rick and Carla and Jamie over for dinner. I'd cooked pisole in the slow cooker all day with three chicken half-breasts and the scent of chicken broth and cooked corn was warm in the house when we got home from work. Fezzik was happy to see us, and we settled in. I started the huge stock pot and filled it with onions and garlic, then just a single pound of fairly lean pork, and then when all that was brown, added everything else for green chile stew with pisole.

Luckily, they got a bit lost and so were about an hour late, so the mass of the stew got a chance to cook before they got there. It is spicy, huge, and probably good for the party coming up. We had quesadillas, salsa and other yummy things, and Carla had made a gorgeous salad and then a blueberry pie with a chile cut out from the top, and it was just delicious.

So we ate and talked and talked and talked... and then Jamie got tired and we noticed it was about 11pm. I was to deacon the next day, but I didn't think I'd have the time or gumption to get together the five minute 'sharing', especially since I read the passages for the week and a lot of them were from Daniel. But at about the time I'd managed to make myself a little hot chocolate to get me to sleep, an idea slammed me in the side of the head for the invocation and when I got started on that, my writing brain kept rolling and I had a nice, tight little three minute 'sharing' done.

The deacon's sharing is a small message from the deacon about what they thought of the scripture passages for the day, they can also be based on what the pastor is going to be talking about. It's better, in many ways, to put a lay perspective on it, as most deacons don't have any formal training, and the best things are things that are told from owns own life. Like all short-shorts they're something of a challenge to keep tight, make right, and complete. So they're kinda hard to do on short notice. At least for me, and at least usually. Part of being a deacon now means that you don't *have* to do them, but the time is available for those that do.

The invocation is a short prayer to invoke God to the service, and the form is pretty loose.

Problem was that by the time I was done with everything it was past midnight and I had to get to the church by 8am... and so I was, let everyone in and set up stuff, and went through all the things that have to be done each morning at church... lots of little things to get what nearly becomes impromptu theater on its way. Since we had Ray Gillise as a guest pastor, it was fun, too, as he's good at what he does, and it was nice to find out that all the small pieces that I'd crafted fit in well with his sermon. That is always fun to have happen.

But by noon time, I was both hyper and exhausted. So John took me to see _Starship Troopers_, which seemed to make me even more hyper and more exhausted. So I tried to go to bed, but tugged Heinlein into bed with me, and I read the real thing all over again, happily, in the next couple of hours. By then it was past dinner time, so instead of going to sleep, I went down, ate and watched part of X-Files with John and got called by my parents and missed the end. Oh well.

I also had an enormous headache by then. John gave me a backrub where he found some really nasty knots at the base of my neck and tops of my shoulders, and so I fell asleep right there.

Tried waking up this morning and just couldn't. Hurt too much, and my nose was stuffed and I think I have a cold. Had two things to finish today at work, and I did them, so I think I might go home and collapse. Called Monte, even, to tell him that I wouldn't be making it to the game tonight. As folks say to me, if I'm sick enough to not *want* to play soccer, then I'm sick, indeed.

Home again, home again...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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