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November 17, 1998
a year ago

Final Fall Cleaning

We decided to drive the Stoat in the morning, because John wanted to fix the Rangy in the evening, if he could, and didn't want the transmission hot when he worked on it. But as we stopped at the entrance to Montage, there was a pop, then the engine died. When John started it again, it ran rough and badly, and smoke started coming out of the back, unburned diesel fuel. When he tried to drive the car there was no power, so we had to turn back and use the Rangy. Something in the Stoat just gave up the ghost. Nothing to do about it.

The Rangy had no problems other than the rattle in the overdrive, but it was uneasy knowing we were down to a car that wasn't whole.

The hillsides were burning with the last of fall's colors. Many of the trees now black skeletons, but the ones left finishing in a blaze of colors sweeping across the land, reds and yellows of all hues.

Work was fine. A nice list of bugs to tackle for the next release, lots of things to do and stuff to plan and get to and through. Played, in the evening, an ad hoc game with a bunch of characters that were brought into the conversation, and for a tiny bit Faber and post-Fall, pre-Redemption Caliah were together for a bit. They all talked. Daimon talking the most, and being listened to some. Some of the contention suddenly ignited Faber, and the rage burned through me.

Left me shaking mildly on the way home. Not bad. Expression is good.

Dinner was a craving started by Daimon, who mentioned pork chops and Shake and Bake, so I had to get some. We got thin cut chops, a box of pork Shake and Bake and then went home, where we had plenty of starches and frozen veggies. I didn't want to fridge anything as we were leaving again soon. John commented that our refrigerator must be empty as our Tupperware drawer was full.

We spent the evening cleaning house. Dusting, vacuuming, putting things away, cleaning up all the things we could clean up and put away. Just making it neat for when we were gone and when we'd be back. John did all the dishes this time, and I thank him for it.

Fezzik had managed to put a lot of dirt on the wood floor, I'm not sure how, but that was good to vacuum up. John played Bandicoot for a while, but it was frustrating for me to watch, so I sat and wrote a while. Then I decided that I was going to bike to work the next morning, then John wouldn't have any pressure to get any of the cars running in time for the morning and it'd save him the trip into town, which he didn't have to make for any reason other than me. It was supposed to be clear the next day, and while it might be cold, it would at least be dry.

So I packed all my clothing in a plastic bag and then into my backpack, as I don't have any saddle bags on my bike, yet. I added shower stuff, and my wallet and set it all in the hallway for the next morning.

We took Fezzik on his walk, he'd been, the night before, with John at the soccer game, so we hadn't walked him for days, since he was boarded, so I was set for some oddities. But wasn't entirely set for the fact that the minute we got up the driveway, Fezzik galloped off in all direction, doing huge, sweeping circles around us, down side streets, all along the turning area for firetrucks, finally settling in as we entered the development. He then stayed fairly near us, though skittering now and again as if from sheer high spirits.

It was pretty obvious that Fezzik was glad to be out and about with us.

Just before going to bed we got into the hot tub and the sky was clouded over, sadly. So no view of the meteors.

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