Liralen's Adventure Through Life
 2: Concerts and Chinese Food
 3: Alone
 4: Hard Beauty and Boxes
 5: Sleeping In
 6: Rest and Relief
 8: Grief
 9: Healing
10: Brilliance
11: Quick Help
12: Running About
12: Evening: Wet, Dark Drive
13: Quiet Friday at OryCon
14: Bujold Saturday at OryCon
15: Driving Home with Jason
16: Soccer Solo
17: Final Fall Cleaning
18: Thank God for Mountain Bikes
19: Off to San Diego
20: Crab
21: A Bug's Life
22: Chicken Dinner
23: Into the Wind
24: Back to Work
26: Thanksgiving
27: Car Shopping
28: Bargaining Hard
29: Soup and Work

Where Eastgate Congregational kinda fell apart. Not only as an organization but as a part of my life and trust and faith.

John and I travelled a lot, in part to get away, in part to go to somewhere nice, and John started to play soccer again.

We got to OryCon, got to meet people again, some of whom I haven't seen for years, see things, buy way too many books and I got to listen to Bujold talk about some of my favorite books in the Vorkosigan series. That was very good indeed.

Great things were getting home for a bit, to San Diego to see my sister and my parents and actually communicate with them well. We enjoyed the stay a lot, and had good food, good fun, and a generally great time with them and with Kathy. Also had a great Thanksgiving with John's parents and their friends and ended up with a good bargain for a car and learning that I actually could say no to good affect on my pocketbook.

And ended up with some reconciliation with the church, but I've now a deep-seated confusion about why I'm there at all.

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