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November 3, 1999
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Busy at Work

I got to work at home on Monday, that was very, very sweet. Just plowed right through more tasks than I thought I'd ever be able to do. It was a beautiful day, too, sunny and warm and Fezzik and I wandered about a bit during lunch time. I made myself a simple quesadilla and it was really good to just sit and munch it. Worked from when John left to when he got home and it was very satisfying to know that I could just go in on Tuesday and it would be checked in and would likely work.

Had some problems with setting things up right very early in the morning, but a few phone calls with John and one modem hookup with our machine got the right files and I was off and running.

Tuesday morning it was very satisfying to just plug in and get everything put into the local code repositories, pull in all the new code everyone else had put in and build and test and just have it work. That was nice. Checked everything in for the release build later in the day and that was that. Then stepped into a three hour meeting, lagged through lunch and the afternoon was shot with the after math of that.

Today really felt like it was mostly a waste, and it really started badly, mostly because John had decided to stay home and work at home and didn't get that fact across to me so I spent most of the morning just puttering about, waiting for him. When he told me, I got rather upset, as much for my assumption that my time depended on this as anything. So the work day itself was somewhat depressing.

Cera asked me to write for her, though and so I wrote some dragon descriptions for her that she enthusiastically took and expanded to what she really needed. I really liked being able to provide the seeds for that creative work she did.

Finally, as I was starting to think about going, one of the junior engineers noted a problem and had no way of getting anywhere with it. Bob looked at it and asked the local people to try this as he wasn't able to get it to fail with his setup. So I set it up and tried it and it failed and so I traced it to a bad combination of something hard-coded by someone else in the group and a change I'd done thinking it wouldn't change anything elsewhere. I swore a lot. John said, later, that whenever he came by my cubicle I was swearing, so he was very quiet when he finally came to say that he was going home. He'd driven himself in at noon, and so had his own car and was going home. I said I'd be a bit and he just nodded.

Three miracles happened after that badness. The first was the market, for some weird reason, suddenly realized Xilinx's public profits for the last quarter were phenomenally better than predicted and the darned stock shot up nearly ten points in two few days. The second was that I finally got a few journal entries up, for the first time in a month and I find that I really have been missing it. Badly. Consciousness is a bad thing to waste and to forget. The third that a box that had been mailed on my birthday (Oct 2, more than a month ago) by Priority Mail showed up.

John presented the thought lost and gone forever box to me triumphantly after I came home from the partially useless work day. He'd also bought and made a dinner of my favorite food: Shake and Bake pork chops. He'd even left the gate open for me, and everything. Fezzik looked tired as well. Some of this was 'cause he knew what was coming up tomorrow, I think, but he was really, really good and did a lot of things that really just helped to center me and steady me up.

Dinner was really, really good to just eat and it stabilized me enough that I could just open the box after dancing a bit. I also looked at all the chives I'd uprooted and they were all doing really well. Two stalks I'd had to cut because they had been broken were now a good quarter inch longer.

The Esterbrook that Sam sent was just marvelous, pearlescent grey with both jewels solid and the nib was one of the 9000-series nibs, which is supposed to be smoother and easier to use. I'll have to try it out sometime, but at this moment, it just seemed so amazing that it existed at all, after all that timewarp time in the mail. So I just studied it, tried to take the nib off and found that the feed section came out, reluctantly, but without any grief, so I got a good look at how Sam had put the innards back together.

I have two more Esterbrooks that are supposed to arrive in the next few weeks and I think that one or more of them may need a new sac. Also, one of the ones that Kathy sent me needs a sac on it, so it was very nice to have the example in front of me of how it was supposed to go together. I had two sacs from Sam as well as two very cute little bottles of ink, one lavender and the other was grey. It was so cool to turn all this stuff out and just look at it all and touch what I had thought lost.

I really, honestly tried to get to sleep early, but finally ended up in bed around 10. A bit late for the 5 a.m. alarm I'd set for myself, but good enough for reality.

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