Liralen's Adventure Through Life
November 1999
  3: Busy at Work
  4: Customer Visits
  5: Anticipation
  6: Seattle: Day One
  7: Seattle: Day Two
  8: Duck Egg Omelet
  9: Road Blocks
10: Small Steps
11: Scotch Night
12: Pits of Confusion
13: Adventure On High
14: A Whirl of Dogs
15: Getting Back to Work
16: Workin' at Home
17: Validation and Impact
18: Dim Sum and Dinner
19: Foundations
20: Dogma
21: More Dogs Running
22: Snow!
23: The Parents are Here!
28: Thanksgiving Weekend
29: Happy John Day!
30: My Massage Day

A month mostly dominated by a deadline by the end of the month and a problem too big to solve in that time; and the whole, stupid, angstful approach I took on that fact. In the long term, I surprised myself with what I could do.

I got some time off for good behaviour in Seattle, discovering a number of really nice places there, which hadn't been there before we'd moved. Mostly Chinese in nature. I discovered what I missed about Seattle, but also realized what I now really do love about Colorado as well.

Fezzik got to explore the Open Spaces around here more extensively with a bunch of friendly dogs that could do an improptu pack on some Sunday mornings. He got into much better shape for that. I, on the other hand, also took a few steps to take better care of myself and found a massage therapist for a back and shoulders which were hurting.

It ended with a good, long, peaceful and very thankful Thanksgiving with my parents, who came and visited from San Diego.

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