October 3, 1997

Heh. John remembers that little bit about singing in the middle of the night, but he thought it was a dream. Heh.

For dinner John took me to The Boiling Point, which is a fondue restaurant. It was kinda an experiment because I'd been to La Fondue in the Bay Area and liked it so much, it seemed something of an opportunity to try a fondue place that was nearer home. It turned out to also cost a bit less.

I bet that most of the cost was due to lack of ambiance. La Fondue has loads and loads of ambiance, whereas the Boiling Point was just a little restaurant in a strip mall and kinda showed it in the lack of decor. The food, however, was very good, and enough different that it didn't suffer from the comparison. The salad and first cheese course was actually much the same as at La Fondue, a normal dinner salad followed by a white wine heated to near boiling and then mixed with a lot of grated Swiss and a touch of garlic and herbs. French bread cubes, other kinds of bread cubes, and sliced Granny Smith apples were then skewered, dipped and eaten. Yum.

The main course consisted of various vegetables, shrimp with a side of cocktail sauce, salmon chunks, sirloin chunks and chicken chunks. There was a light batter along with four different sauces. The chunks were dipped into the light batter and then dipped into the fondue pot, which was filled with hot peanut oil. So it was more like deep frying than what I usually think of as fondue, but then La Fondue had you dipping the meats into a boiling pot of wine, stocks and spices, which I'd call a hot pot, but that's all from ones point of view, I guess.

It was very good, especially since they stuffed the mushrooms with seasoned breadcrumbs and parmesian cheese. The salmon was really good with the teriyaki sauce, the sirloin was excellent with the mustard-horseradish sauce, and chicken did well in the garlic herb sauce and BBQ sauces. Yum.

The grande finale was the bittersweet chocolate fondue with angel cake, strawberries, lady's fingers, and frozen chunks of cheese cake. Ooooo... I was purring by the time it came to licking off the last of the chocolate from the pot, and very, very, full.

We went home sleepy and full and then packed all our bags for the next 10 days, which was how long our trip to Albequerque was going to be. It didn't quite feel real, with all the speed and momentum we'd picked up to get through all the things that have been happening at work, but we were going to be leaving for a week's worth of vacation at the crucial moment.

We got up in the morning of the 3rd and put everything into the car, including Fezzik and then drove to the Cedar River Animal Hospital. The vet there, Kim, was our next door neighbor nearly a decade ago, and he specializes in large dogs and when Fez was a puppy, he'd come over and we'd give him a beer and he'd give Fez his shots. *grin* They know Fezzik really well, there, and treat him really well, give him lots of attention and take good care of him. We arrived a bit early, but got let in eventually and left him with his food, his giant bone, and lots of pets.

We only had a single hour at work to get everything together and were then gathered into a big meeting.

It was a good meeting. It pretty much resolved most of the questions that I had over the uncertainty with Synario and I think I'll just sit around and wait to see what goes down.

And John and I had to take off in the middle of it all to fly far, far away, to Albequerque New Mexico and the 1997 Balloon Fiesta...

[cue the travel log]

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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