October 24, 1997

Charlie wrote:

>(Talking of homesickness. Or at least, greensickness).

I replied:

<grin> Come on up to Seattle for a visit, then. Get your fill of rain, mists in the morning, a low-slant gold light in the afternoon, sending all the trees blazing with color as they turn their yellows, reds, browns, all the green slowly being pixalized into the colors of fall. The leaves are falling now like slow, warm colored snow, amid transluscent columns of smoke as wood stoves start getting usage with the now low 40's nights. Go home by Lake Sammamish, mirror-glass still in the evenings with just the jump of fish, or the soft hum of insects by the water's edge, the slow thrum of frogs getting quieter with the oncoming cold. Wake up to spider's webs strung in glistening crystal beads draped everywhere they can be strung, water drip drip dripping softly everywhere because of the thickmists that hide even the widest tree trunk only 10 yards away. It's not even really rain, and the cool scent of water and moss and a deep density of growing things is thick in the air. Come and see, and feel... breath in deep...

[I know, I don't fight fair.]

Waterbaby, there's a creek just below the cliff by our house that runs merrily every day, burbling, murmuring to itself until Fezzik bounds down to splash about in it and then it laughs back at him in a cool rush of swift sounds. It's a salmon creek, they say, and there are actually salmon that come up it to spawn near my birthday.

It's fall, and it's Indian Summer. I'm not sure I really want to be anywhere else, right now, than here in Seattle. The adventures are fun, but....

"There's no place like home."

It's misty out today... and I wore my jester's sweater, all patches of all colors that my sister knit for me, and it's warm and thick and comfortable. Saw Shadowshine last night, it's been years since we met, and it was fun and comfortable and we took her to our favorite Indian restaurant and we had an all veggie meal that was delicious and an adventure as well. The days are getting shorter, but we got her home in time to see something of the woods around our house, the house, and Fezzik.

Too much to do, still, at work, but it's coming slowly under control. I have to deacon on Sunday, but no sharing to do, so it's a lot less work, which is something that I'm not going to fight at all.

People are cool. Life is fun. Being focussed makes such a difference, it's pretty astonishing.

Talked with Mom and Dad the other night, Mom sounded thick with worry when she first called, and it turned out that she has a surgury coming up right before Thanksgiving and was kinda calling to ask us not to come, then. So I reassured her, told her we hadn't gotten tickets yet, and that it would have been okay even if we had because we could just change the dates. That did get her to feel a lot better, and she and I talked long enough that she was laughing again, which felt pretty good to me, and I got to talk with Dad for a while, too.

It's good to talk with folks, sometimes.

And on a completely discontinuous note, I actually checked my pages out with Lynx and these work out pretty well! Keen.

Also watched about half an hour of Biography! on Marilyn Monroe, and it was fascinatingly sad and funny and oddly sweet. Of course I did quit just after she got to put her footprints and hand prints into the concrete at the Chinese Mann after Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Which was likely the height of her career.

The maples, all around the city and town and country are turning all these fascinatingly brilliant colors. Red, yellow, gold, and brown... and the leaves are starting to fall and swirl in the high winds that are starting to whip up. Halloween, around here, has always been stereotypical in weather, just like a Disney production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow set. I'm always impressed.

DragonDictate chokes more on my journal entries than on the bulk of my technical documentation. Not too odd, when my journal seems to have something new everyday and the technical stuff is the same all the way through. I fed the system a bunch of the technical docs, and it came up with about two dozen words it didn't know and I had to teach it. I fed it my August journal entries, what there were of them, and it gave me about a hundred words that it really didn't recognize the context of. I didn't know that there were even that many contexts.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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