October 23, 1997

Oh! Oh! Oh! This is a really keen prayer, for those that don't mind prayers. It's really keen! And it's funny, too.

Was woken this morning with a clatter, ting, *crack* and then a roar as frozen stuff fell from the sky. Then the *flash* *BANG!!* of really bright lightening and way too close thunder and there was a long instant as the rain/falling *stuff* just fell harder and faster and louder until it was just pounding on the roof. I giggled a lot and snuggled in close to John and we pulled the covers over our head, and it was a lot quieter. Fezzik went nuts with barking, as he loves to bark at the thunder gods, and we didn't shush him until the roaring died away to the sound of falling rain.

What a great way to get woken.

Brought the killer green chili stew in and we'll see who partakes. Had steam, bicuits, salad, and Liar, Liar last night for dinner, and I slept well after a big mug of herbal tea...

Hands hurt, so I should probably hang things up for the day.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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