I want to do system level design.

I have papers: BSEE Caltech, MSEE University of Washington, in Artificial Neural Networks, which was fun, but not commercially viable. Three years of full-custom chip design work that went into gate arrays and then programmable gate arrays, which lead to a very profitable time being a consultant for programmable gate arrays. One year creating test vectors and internal design constructs and microcode for a custom co-processor for analog voltage controls, another year doing more programmable Xilinx designs than I could count.

Three years at Applied Microsystems doing high speed emulators, a mix of hardware, embedded software, and also high level XWindows GUI's for emulator controls. More assembly language than I could throw spagetti at, on more processors than I'd even known existed, and a few that don't in the U.S. of A. Came up for air and went back to the company I'd consulted for and wrote, in C++, a C source level debugger for the co-processor I'd designed, hired on at Data I/O to do that for two years. Then went to the Synario group where for another three years, I learned to wrangle and cut and maintain 300+ C++ Windows classes for their main GUI application and then plan for their future, which includes full assimilation by the Borg through recreation by being remade into OLE, BackOffice, and DCOM objects of colorful and complex types.

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