October 15, 1997

Very weird day, today.

Wrists ache a lot from the finishing up I had to do of the travel logs last night, mailed 'em out this early morning, spent some time getting them here into the journal and into the public place as well. Ended up having to do two series anyway.

Took a long lunch with John, Michael, and Bob and we went to the High-Tech Expo at the Seattle Center, between the Blue hair and the two minute summary of my experience set (I didn't bring my resume as I knew I'd be tempted to fling it about or, as John said, "I wanted to walk in at 1:55, flinging resumes everywhere yelling, 'Hi! I'm Bob The Human Spammer!'" (the high-tech expo went from 11-2 and 4-8pm). Which would, of course, get me all distracted again and I didn't want to interview anymore or be tempted any more or... etc...) I had people looking at me very intently. It was pretty cool.

Data I/O's also offered me a bonus both to stay and to do a special project, and they've been cheap enough about it to make me wonder if I shouldn't be insulted. It's such a tiny amount. Oh well. Enough to get me some good dictation software, so that might be enough. I keep thinking, still, about just going off and writing, someday. They're also willing to invest in a few things for me to do the job, so I will likely stick around for the fun and the work. At least dictating a bunch of training material will be easier on my hands.

Bob told me that I should. John keeps cheering me on, too. We had a very cheerful lunch at Floyd's right near the Seattle Center, very good BBQ, and I bought a lemon tart from Pacific Desserts, which I haven't eaten yet.

It's good to know that I'm wanted. It's bad to know that there's no way I could decide what I want to do.

Made baked apples and potatos last night and kindly turned down the Cypress offer, and talked with the guy for a while. He told me that they'd hold the position another week, though they had been interviewing others, and that if my situation ever changed that they'd likely make a positon for me if I wanted. That was very flattering and and useful to know.

I actually feel kinda secure.

Soccer game tonight, hoorah! On grass!

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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