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October 4, 1998
a year ago

Raindrops Fallin' On My Bug

It was a really cool weekend on the whole.

The rain started to pour at the end of John's kids soccer game Saturday, so there really wasn't much for John to do outside, so we ended up just going to Costco to pick up chips and a bunch of my Balance Bars and then going to see Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. That's a really fun flick. I enjoyed it a lot. So I'm likely going to have to follow Bryant's taste in movies more closely.

The soccer game was good, screaming fun. I yelled too much, but it was good anyway. The kids played their hearts out, lost anyway, through a few odd calls by the ref. Which had me growling a lot. Problem was that it made me really want to play soccer again. Okay, I'm afraid of that, too, but I guess I'm going to go and call the doc sometime and get a new brace and play again. Sometime. John also got the stationary bike out from the back room that it was relegated to for Fezzik's party, and the time sitting got the oil to move to the squeaky parts, so I may have no excuse not to exercise even when it's raining out. And I'll admit that a half an hour on the bike as opposed to an hour and a half in the rain on a soccer field really is much more enticing.

We also went and picked Regis up on Sunday and took her to Ronin. I enjoyed that one deeply as well, though it brought a new level of ruthlessness to screen level villains and heros. It was really interesting to see how it has evolved.

I dreamed, afterwards, of being deeply involved in wet work, and of the problems and solutions that come from security problems. It's scary to realize just how solidly my brain might work as well at solving those kinds of problems and situations as it is presently involved in the real-time problem solving involved in fencing, soccer, or software.

Flexible minds at night are sometimes scary as to how far they will go when it is a simply a dream.

There's a new Thai place in the Redmond mall called Thai Ginger, and we went there after the movie to eat and it was very, very good. The phad thai was tasty, the curry was just a bit blander than I like, but there was an interesting addition to the menu of a number of BBQ'ed items that included duck and chicken. They'd run out of the duck, but the half a chicken was most excellent.

We had two walks in the morning with Fezzik, which somewhat confused him, as he's so used to the evening walks. So he kept barking at us in the evening when we wouldn't take him for a second walk. So John finally gave him a rawhide bone, which was one of his birthday presents and he spent hours just carrying it around the house looking for a place to hide it or bury it so that it would soften in the fall rains, but we wouldn't let him out with it.

One night, he was pacing around the house with it so much that he ended up outside our door, upstairs, and finally just left his rawhide bone at our bedroom door. Makes me wonder, just a bit, what he was thinking when he did that.

The silver Beetle performed really well all weekend. It has a far more powerful engine than I'd expected, and since the under bits are almost all Jetta-like, it performed admirably. The frame was stiff enough that it cornered very nimblely, and steered very well. It had all the amenities of a modern car. All the comfort, the small adjustables, from steering wheel to seat height and seat back angle, from the flow of air, to the temperature, to the radio which does seek and scan and even has all the attachments for a CD player, from the purple dash at night, to the lovely interior buttons for opening gas and trunk. Plus the inverse key and the cool remote control.

We used it to haul the kiln to Singer's new place, and he was pretty pleased with the Beetle itself. The kiln he was ecstatic about all over again, he'd even gone to a pottery supply shop to buy new elements, a couple shelves, spacers, cones, and other stoppers for the kiln. He'd been thinking about it all night. John was pretty pleased with all that, and knowing just what a huge kick Singer was getting out of it. That was very cool.

Poor Stoat. Compared to a car with more than a decade's progress in its makeup. Air bags, side impact bars, sealing windows and doors, noise damping features in place and whole. Actually, amusingly enough, for all that the Beetle was cute, comfortable and zippy, I think the Stoat has won out, still.

So, all in all a good weekend. The weather was really funny. Brilliant sunshine one moment would lead to pouring rain the next. It was really amazing. Kinda nice to have Seattle weather back to normal again.

Sadly, just as I was brushing my teeth to go to sleep I found out some grumpy-making news. My bridge is out again. <grin> I have a Maryland bridge in my mouth, across the left side of my mouth, and every two or three or five years it come unglued and falls out, and leaves the two teeth that are standing next to it a bit exposed. I hate that. I hate it every time it happens as it's a few hundred more dollars that I have to spend on my mouth and I am going to, this time, likely have to give up a trip down to San Jose or something to get it re-fixed.

Unless I do something more drastic, which might be to get an implant and put a false tooth in the place of the missing tooth and just never, ever have to mess with it again.

John, by accident, was the one that knocked that tooth out when we were in college. Which wasn't something that I really remembered until he apologized for doing it again. It's just been a part of me for so long. So he volunteered to do the things that would make it all happen, if I did the hard part of putting up with all the dental work.

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